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Papers and Books

Procedural Texturing and Modelling

Terrain creation & rendering


Image Processing





LOD, Mesh Simplification


Particle Systems

Physical modelling











FAQ-и и базовые доки



Volumetric Rendering






Game Development


Scripting langs












Сайт поддержки курса компьютерной графики на факультете ВМиК МГУ

Лаборатория компьютерной графики при ВМиК МГУ

NVIDIA Developer Forums


EGSR05: 16th Eurographics Symposium on Rendering

Real-Time Rendering Bibliography

Technical publications

Life - NoNaMe

SIGGRAPH 2007 Papers

SIGGRAPH 2005 Papers

Smoke Rendering

Interactive Fluid-Particle Simulation using Translating Eulerian Grids | Research


Acid Sky Studios - Downloads; L-System 4/5, Free Wallpaper


A sketch book on L systems

L-System Explorer

L-system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

L-System design

Robert M. Dickau - 3D L-Systems

FRACTINT L-systems Plants


Lsys, Lsystem based Interactive VRML Generator - Alligator Pix, Patrick Murris, Montreal

L-System Based Fractals

An Introduction to Lindenmayer Systems


Welcome to L-System 4

Программа для построения L-систем

L System Fractals Main Page

L-System fractals E

s Manual


L-System Plant Geometry Generator

Director Online Article: Polygon Gardens

Stevens Institute of Technology - Mikhail Radomyselskiy

Lindenmayer systems

s Guide: Getting Started with L-studio

Introduction to L-system fractals

s Projects

Algorithmic Botany: Virtual Laboratory

s Projects: Lparser

Algorithmic Botany: Publications

Flowers Using L-Systems

L-systems. Моделирование деревьев / Биотехнологии / Хабрахабр


DLA - Diffusion Limited Aggregation

s Fractals And Chaos -- Lyapunov Exponents Lab Report

Fractal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fractal Life Engine Gallery



MEGAflop - Fraktale, Chaos und mehr...

The Code Project - Create a fractal Christmas tree - C# Programming

The Code Project - Fractal Snow - C# Programming

Generating Fractals with SSE/SSE2 - The Code Project - C++ / MFC

Fractal eXtreme: Fractal Theory

ChaosPro - Freeware fractal generator - Theory

Julia and Mandelbrot Sets

Your fractal, Sir. -Thank you, James. - The Code Project - C++ / MFC

Fractal Explorer: Mandelbrot and Julia sets (by Fabio Cesari)

Фракталы Курликю

cosmic recursive fractal flames


Diffusion Limited Aggregation (DLA) java applet

Water/Ocean modelling and rendering

Ocean waves

water rendering with projected grid

Bonzai Software


aQuaterra water demo - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums

Advanced Water Rendering - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums - Realistic Natural Effect Rendering Water I

Modelling ocean waves

Water Simulation

UralDev - Статьи - Рендеринг неограниченной водной поверхности, преломления, отражения, каустики - Михаил Ильин «Mikle»

UralDev - Статьи - Визуализация водной поверхности. Быстрое преобразование Фурье на GPU - Дмитрий Трифонов «DikobrAz»

The water technique

Визуализация водной поверхности. Быстрое преобразование Фурье на GPU | Компьютерная Графика и Мультимедиа

Sky/Clouds modelling and rendering

Cloud Cover

A Physically-Based Nightsky Model

Cloud Rendering

Stellarium Astronomy Software

A Practical Analytic Model for Daylight

pretty cold ::

How to create realistic skies with POVRAY - part 1

Real-Time Cloud Rendering (Mark Harris)

Cloud Rendering

Gamasutra - Let There be Clouds! Fast, Realistic Cloud-Rendering in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight -- Real-Time Atmospheric Scattering -- Real-Time Realistic Cloud Rendering and Lighting

Having trouble implementing a sky colouring algorithm... - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums

Sky-rendering techniques - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums - Real-Time Atmospheric Scattering

Real-Time Cloud Rendering (Mark Harris)

Simulation of Cloud Dynamics on Graphics Hardware

Real-Time Cloud Simulation and Rendering

SkyWorks Cloud Rendering Engine



Research themes

Eric Bruneton

Real-time realistic illumination and shading of stratiform clouds

FilouGK: Sky Rendering

Wang Tiles

Recursive Wang Tiles for Real-Time Blue Noise

Penrose Tilings and Wang Tilings

Cellular Automata

Cellular Automata - Optimisation

Modern Cellular Automata - Live Color Cellular Automata

Texture Synthesis

Perlin Noise

Infinity Textures Web Resource

Making Cellular Textures

Ken Musgrave: Computer Art and Computer Graphics Research

Diffusion Limited Aggregation in 3D - game development and more... - game development and more...

Texture Analysis and Synthesis

libnoise: a portable, open-source, coherent noise-generating library for C++

FUI - Functional User Interface


links @ rna

flipcode - Terrain Texture Generation

Generating Random Fractal Terrain

Terrain texts



[07.12.02] -- Adding Realistic Rivers to Random Terrain

NYU Media Research Lab - Fractal Planet

1. Introduction

Visual Simulation of Smoke

Assignment on Procedural Texturing

s GPU Notes: Animating Worley Noise

Physically Based Modeling and Animation of Fire

Fluid Fire

Algorithmic Botany: Home

Reaction Diffusion Textures

Parametric Model for Visual Texture Representation and Synthesis

Texture Mixing and Texture Movie Synthesis using Statistical Learning

.werkkzeug 3 TE (texture edition) by .theprodukkt

Allegorithmic | ProFX

Gray Scott on Reaction-Diffusion

Standard Procedural Databases

Standard Procedural Databases

Computer Generated Images

s. wickens portfolio

Geomorph Home Page

Tile-Based Methods in Computer Graphics

Sky-rendering techniques - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums

DSpace at University of Calgary: VISUAL SIMULATION OF LIGHTNING

A Real-Time Procedural Universe

Long Period Hash Functions For Procedural Texturing

Atmospheric Optics

Cellular Automata Algorithms

s) / Форум / Графический Дизайн / — Разработка игр

s Wiki - City Engine: Paper Cities

s Image Quilting Algorithm. Free source code and programming help

Обзор методов программного моделирования пламени - Intel® Software Network - Procedural Planets Part 1 - Structure

State of the Art in Procedural Noise Functions

Procedural Noise using Sparse Gabor Convolution

В игре «Жизнь» создали самый сложный организм, способный размножаться / Игры / Хабрахабр

Lightning algorithm (Nishita et al)

Алгоритм роя частиц

Arbaro - tree generation for povray

Dungeon Fortress - Darkness is not your friend - World Generation Breakdown

«Живые графы» — выращивание графов на клеточных автоматах с примерами на Silverlight / Алгоритмы / Хабрахабр

An Ivy Generator

s Academy Award

flipcode - Perlin Noise Class

Ron Fedkiw

Game Programming and graphics programming


welcome to the Virtual Terrain Project

Terraform Home Page

DDG Homepage

MicroTerra - Main

ROAM: Realtime Optimally-Adapting Meshes

Continuous LOD Terrain Meshing Using Adaptive Quadtrees; [02.28.00] -- Super Frustums

All about rendering landscape

Chunked LOD

Terrain LOD Published Papers

flipcode - Terrain Texture Generation

403 Forbidden

Terrain LOD Implementations

robot frog | 3d | terrain generation tutorial

Large terrain with support for run-time modifications - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums

Unitree - Unify Community Wiki



Blender the dot org era

а Том I - Руководство Пользователя

- Blender 3D туториалы, модели, плагины - Продолжаем работать - Главная

- Blender 3D туториалы, модели, плагины - - Туториалы

UV Mapping :: Blender 3D Tutorials

Manual/Unwrapping a Mesh - BlenderWiki

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks

Extensions:2.4/Py/Scripts/Import/PLY - BlenderWiki

Education – Blender Cookie – 2010-blender-training

Wings 3D

Now3D - Download Freeware software from our 3D modeling category

MilkShape Modeller


Open Architect 3D

Giuliano Cornacchiola Home Page

Misfit Model 3D - Home

Discreet gmax - overview

Anim8or Free 3D Animation Software

VirtuaLight HomePage

SourceForge Project Info - Aztec 3D Modeller

Pixologic Home



Cal3d - Character Animation Library

Home - Art of Illusion

Aztec - 3D Tools

AC3D - 3D Graphics Modeller - HOME PAGE

Pixie Renderer




Home - Art of Illusion

The RADIANCE 3.1 Synthetic Imaging System

Giuliano Cornacchiola Home Page


Main Page - SharpConstruct

Ayam - Start

LODka 3D - бесплатный редактор низкополигонных моделей

Welcome to Amabilis


Topaz 3D Modeler

DAZ 3D - Free 3D Software and 3D Model Providers


La About.txt


introducing Pixia

GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program

Paint.NET - Free Photo Editing Software for Windows

PicPiImage Editor

Inkscape Portable | - Portable software for USB drives

Paint.NET - Download

Modelling tutorials

3d Tutorial

Blender - эффективная и свободно-распространяемая программа создания 3D графики и анимации

3D modeling Software Download - 3DPlus


ngPlant - Open Source plant modeling package

Suicidator City Generator: a procedural city creation script for Blender


s Image Processing  Algorithms


PNG-supporting Image-Conversion Applications

ImageMagick - Image Conversion and Manipulation Software

The Art Of Lossless Data Compression

All About GIF89a

Blur Algorithms Part One

Image Processing Fundamentals - Title


CodeGuru Better GIFs with Octrees

CodeGuru A Sharp View with QGaussFilter

Sussex Computer Vision TEACH VISION2

Sussex Computer Vision TEACH VISION3

Sussex Computer Vision TEACH VISION4

Sussex Computer Vision TEACH VISION7 - An Introduction To Digital Image Processing

The Code Project - Image Processing for Dummies with C# and GDI+ Part 5 - Displacement filters, including swirl - Multimedia

The Code Project - Doodle - a basic paint package in GDI+ - GDI+

The Code Project - Image Processing for Dummies with C# and GDI+ Part 6 - The HSL color space - Multimedia

The Code Project - Image Processing for Dummies with C# and GDI+ Part 2 - Convolution Filters - Multimedia

The Code Project - Image Processing for Dummies with C# and GDI+ Part 1 - Per Pixel Filters - Multimedia

Компьютерная графика и мультимедиа: Фильтры для видео

The JasPer Project Home Page

vbAccelerator - Index of Image Processing

Prof.Dr.Gernot Hoffmann in Emden

s Image Processing -- CryptImage Lab Report

How to Emboss an Image, C-language source code

Kenneth R. Castleman, Ph.D.

Evolver Project


Intro to Digital Signal Processing


A Short Introduction to Digital Image Processing

Index of /rbf/CVonline/LOCAL_COPIES/OWENS

Research of Lixu Gu -- Secrets of Simple Image Filtering


s Java Image Processing Pages

Image Processing Fundamentals - Basic Enhancement and Restoration Techniques

Image Processing Fundamentals - Contents

Graphic Links on Image Processing

Image Filtering - Convolution Kernels

Blurring the Line

Image Filters open source library

PhotoBooth Demystified


Tachyon Parallel - Multiprocessor Ray Tracing System

Efficiently Rendering Shadows using the Photon Map

POVRay Objects Collection


Practical Ray Tracing of Trimmed NURBS Surfaces

mental images

Radiance WWW Server

Welcome to

Highrender home page FRAMESET

Total Raytrace Project

Rayshade Homepage


VirtuaLight HomePage

ESCARGOT Visualwares

How to create realistic skies with POVRAY - part 1

Ray Tracing News, Volume 13, Number 1

s Manual

Elektronik Discussion : Main

POV-Ray - The Persistence of Vision Raytracer

- The Light++ Raytracing Library


YASRT Home Page

Ray Tracing News Guide

cfxweb - Real Time Ray Tracing

s Publications


Sunflow - Global Illumination Rendering System

Lightflow Rendering Interface

WinOSi - Homepage

Ray Tracing on GPU [home]

Interactive Ray Tracing Project

Quake3 Raytraced

Index to Ray Tracing News

A Survey of BRDF Representation for Computer Graphics

Pane - a ray tracer by Kevin Beason

Realistic Image Synthesis Engine (R.I.S.E) - Home

s Image Gallery

Welcome to Virtual Ray site

RealTime RayTracing Project, Saarbruecken

RealStorm - Realtime Raytracing

OpenRT-Related Publications

Ray Tracing News, Volume 18, Number 1

Y A F R A Y . O R G

Prof. Dr. Alexander Keller

CLOE Raytracer

The Recursive Ray Tracing Algorithm

Levoy - Efficient Ray Tracing of Volume Data

s project homepage

Kirill Garanzha - Researcher

Real-Time Rendering · Another Introduction to Ray Tracing

NeHe Productions ( OpenGL )

OpenGL - High Performance 2D-3D Graphics

Source!(bump mapping)

Hawk Software - Download

OpenGL and Windows

OpenGL, Программирование, Документация, Примеры, Форум.

OpenGL Programming Guide (Red Book)


GameTutorials - Game programming tutorials, news, previews

OpenGL @ 3D Tech A Resource for Programmers

Gamasutra - Features - Volumetric Rendering in Realtime [10.03.01]

Marek Mizanin - OpenGL programy 20-29

Frustum news

GLSL Tutorials




Object Space Normal Mapping Tutorial

Real-Time Graphics Research

Ultimate Game Programming - Virtual Perfection - The Theory of Stencil Shadow Volumes Project Info - MathGL++

GLEW: The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library

The Code Project - Generating Outlines in OpenGL - OpenGL

glGameDeveloper(Tutorials Index)


Gamasutra Feature Refractive Texture Mapping, Part One Printer Friendly Article

How to: load DDS files in OpenGL.

s Development Arena

Nate Robins - OpenGL Online home of the OpenGL Shading Language (orange) book


Cone3D Programming - SDL, OpenGL and C++ Tutorials - For the abstract thinker - OpenGL (1.2 - 1.5) Code Samples

s OpenGL Site.

OpenGL Win32 Tutorial

s OpenGL Page

News - Delphi OpenGL Tutorials and Projects [Source code included]

Walter Reid OpenGL

GLScene - News

INFI Developer


CodeGuru: OpenGL

3D Universe »» Overview


BuGLe: an OpenGL debugging tool

gDEBugger - OpenGL Debugger - Realize your OpenGL potential... - Cg Shadow Volumes

OpenGLEAN-redbook 0.9.1 development - OpenGLEAN-redbook: nurbs.c File Reference

An Introduction to NURBS C code Page - Портал для программистов

Really Slick Screensavers

New demo - Rage3D Discussion Area

Project Magnum: OpenGL Demos and Downloads

nV News Forums - New demo: FBOs

s Programming Page -- Object Abstraction in OpenGL -- 3D Decals

Nigel Stewart - Research

Shadow Rendering Home Page

Smoke Vector Graphics

Normal Transforms - Портал для программистов - Портал для программистов




Ray Tracing Quaternion Julia Sets on the GPU - Forums

: ShadeVis

Hplus Home Page


Programming Tutorials

Zeus CMD - Design and Development Tutorials : OpenGL Programming Tutorials - Page 1

GPGPU : Developer Resources


rusted dreams: faogen

OTK - Open graphics Tool Kit

Homepage of Alpha Shooter - an OpenGL 3D First-Person Shooter game

oZone3D.Net Tutorials - Mandelbrot Fractal - GPGPU Programming - GLSL


oZone3D.Net Tutorials - Ambient Occlusion Lighting using GLSL

oZone3D.Net Tutorials - Image Filtering - Convolution Kernels - GLSL - Gaussian Laplacian Emboss Sharpness

oZone3D.Net Tutorials - 3D Demos Tutorials GLSL LUA OpenGL Direct3D Lighting Texturing NovodeX Demoscene

Bonzai Software

OpenGL Shading Language @ Lighthouse 3D - GLSL Tutorial



Welcome to Ionware Productions

Radiosity и Photon mapping с использованием OpenGL.

OpenGL @ Lighthouse 3D - View Frustum Culling Tutorial

oZone3D.Net Tutorials - Normal Map Compression S3TC DXT5 swizzling ATI 3Dc GL_ATI_texture_compression_3dc OpenGL GLSL glCompressedTexImage2D

Brick Shader Overview

oZone3D.Net Tutorials - Vertex Displacement Mapping - Vertex Texture Fetching - Shader Model 3.0 - OpenGL / GLSL

Point Cloud Visualization

oZone3D.Net Tutorials - The Art of Texturing Using The OpenGL Shading Language -- A Simple Mac OS X libpng Example with OpenGL


dhpoware :: GLee

s OpenGL demos

oZone3D.Net Tutorials - Mesh Deformer in GLSL

GLOD: Geometric Level of Detail for OpenGL

Waterloo/CGL/Image Synthesis/Shadows

PyOpenGL -- The Python OpenGL Binding

glsl / MirGames Wiki HLSL2GLSL Files

oZone3D.Net Tutorials - Vertex Buffer Objects - OpenGL VBO - Demo - GL_STREAM_DRAW GL_STATIC_DRAW GL_DYNAMIC_DRAW

OpenGL Mathematics : News

s GPU Notes


The freeglut Project

s Apology

Clutter Toolkit

cgkit tutorial: Baking texture maps

DMedia | Tutorials / TextRendering1

Another Object Lesson - OpenGL Pipeline Newsletter

glslDevil - OpenGL GLSL Debugger

HowTo: Perspective Projection Matrix in OpenGL | The Geeks Of 3D - 3D Tech News

Surfin’ Safari - Blog Archive » WebGL Now Available in WebKit Nightlies

How to: load DDS files in OpenGL.

WebGL Specification

G-Truc Creation

GLGE Library

s gl3w - python wrapper generator for OpenGL 3/4

GLSW: OpenGL Shader Wrangler to Play with GLSL Programs with Ease - 3D Tech News, Pixel Hacking, Data Visualization and 3D Programming -

Using Vertex Buffer Objects with CUDA and very fast surface rendering with primitive restart | GPU Computing

Pixel Buffer Objects: Mixing CUDA and OpenGL within the same application | GPU Computing

::UsefulBytes: Пример работы с OpenGL 3

GLFW - An OpenGL library

Triangle Tessellation with OpenGL 4.0 at The Little Grasshopper

Quad Tessellation with OpenGL 4.0 at The Little Grasshopper

Equalizer: Documentation: Parallel OpenGL FAQ

s Homepage


s home: GLSL шейдеры

Cpw - application framework library for OpenGL

Common Mistakes -

GLSL : common mistakes -

Wiki Pages - gl33lessons - Project Hosting on Google Code

Image Format -

Khronos Developer Presentations Library

OpenGL Tutorials by Aks

Zanir » OpenGL

OpenGL 4.0 | Swiftless Tutorials

Swiftless OpenGL Tutorials | Swiftless Tutorials

Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming Through OpenGL

3D - OpenGL - GLSL - OpenAL - KI - Animation - Spielephysik - Spieleprogrammierung

Samples | OpenGL Code Samples

3D Engines List

3D Never Looked so Good! Genesis3D - The Premiere 3D Real-Time Rendering Solution

Quake Developers Pages

s Homepage

The Bolt3D Page

s Home Page - OpenGL programs

Radon Labs Homepage



OGRE Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine

Miracle 3D Engine

Delgine 3D Tools

NPRQuake. - 3D Game and Graphics Engines Database

Muli3D - Information

Aqsis Renderer

Elfish Engine

XEngine - The Platform- and API-Independent 3D Engine

FlightGear Flight Simulator

Unigine [engine of virtual worlds]



The toxic Open Source Renderer

Linderdaum Engine

WinOSi - Homepage


Developer Network |

Alice: Free, Easy, Interactive 3D Graphics for the WWW

Shattered Ruby

Horde3D - Next-Generation Graphics Engine

Sauerbraten / Cube 2

AST`s home page

Retribution Engine

Sylphis3D Homepage Sylphis3D

L3DT - Large 3D Terrain Generator

Персональный сайт - Главная страница

Genesis Device Engine

Mind Illusion - команда разработчиков компьютерных игр


PEngine - Графический движок - Главная

Terathon Software

Voxelstein 3D

Forever War - Overview

XreaL » Features

nGENE Tech: nGENE Tech Homepage

Lightflow Rendering Interface

The GIMP Homepage

Loki Development SMPEG SDL MPEG Player Library (SMPEG)

Tux Paint [New Breed Software]

IrfanView - one of the most popular viewers worldwide

Wood Workshop - Free Seamless Texture Maker

Ultimate Unwrap3D - UV mapping software

Fractal Explorer

Texture Maker - The Seamless Texture Generator - Web Resource. Download and Samples.

Stellarium Astronomy Software

introducing Pixia

The Code Project - Writing (simple) effect plug-ins for Paint.NET 2.0 in C# - C# Programming

K3D Object Viewer

Image Chunks


PRICE - image filtering and manipulation


MAX - the database for all plugins for 3ds max R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6 and R7.


Paint.NET - Download


Easy Tree Generator - Трехмерное моделирование деревьев на основе фракталов, генератор деревьев, Direct3D, скачать программу, 3d модель - scripting library

Artweaver :: the artist way

Project Dogwaffle 1.2 - the Free PC Paint and Animation Program for prople who love to draw, sketch, animate and paint

Simple Profiler

Open Tree Library

An Ivy Generator

DAZ Productions - 3D Models, 3D Content, and 3D Software

Pyro Particle Editor: Particles for your Games!

XnView viewer

rusted dreams: faogen

3D Modeling Software - trueSpace

OpenGL Extensions Viewer

iClone - 3D Movie Machine, 3D character animation - Machinima, 3D movies, 3D wardrobe creation, 3D special effects, and 3D websites

Explogen V2.0 - Explosion Generator - Game Maker Community

xNormal web page

NVIDIA Texture Tools 2: Open Source GPU-Accelerated Compressor

nvidia-texture-tools - Project Hosting on Google Code

The Compressonator | AMD Developer Central

BC6HBC7EncoderDecoder11 Sample

Gamasutra - Features - Continuous LOD Terrain Meshing Using Adaptive Quadtrees; [02.28.00]

3D Models Marketplace


SOLID - Software Library for Interference Detection


Mr GamerMaker

Darwin Home Page

Graphics Gems Repository

GTS - The GNU Triangulated Surface Library

The journal of Visualization and Computer Animation

The good-looking textured light-sourced bouncy fun smart and stretchy page

flipcode - Creating a Scalable Console System with STL

Quake Retexturing Project


Doom 3 World - The Doom3 resource View topic - FINAL MD5 FILE FORMATS

All About GIF89a

JPEG 2000

3D Models, Plugins, Textures, and more at Turbo Squid

POVRay Objects Collection

Ray Tracing and 3D Links - 3D Model Sites

Doom3 unofficial file format reference

3D Digital Graphics

Unofficial Quake 3 Map Specs

Links: Graphics

ACM SIGGRAPH Online Bibliography

3D Artists - Tutorials

RENDER.RU / Новости /

s Ramblings in Realtime

Simply Lightwave - Video training for Lightwave 3D.


s Tiled Textures!

s site


Absolute Background Textures Archive: 5753 Free Tiling Background Textures

The123d 3D Art Community - Standardized 3D Object Database

free3d models

Klicker free 3D Models - Interior - Furniture

Table of Contents (PNG: The Definitive Guide) - The File Extensions Resource

Сборники 3D-моделей для 3DMax - Золотые руки

3D :: Free 3ds max tutorials, 3d models, Art Galleries, 3d links, downloads, textures... forums ...

Free 3D Objects

Gemafreie Musik - Royalty Free Music - Lizenz-freie Musik - Hintergrundmusik GEMAfrei - Telefon Warte-schleifen-musik - Rechtefreie GEMA-freie mp3 Sounds und Loops - Sofort-Download - Free Models

Free Models, Meshes for 3D Studio MAX

Kator Legaz


ArchiDOM - 3d визуализация, 3d модели

Заглавная страница : : библиотека иконок : иконки :

Weapon models for Q3

Only Delicious 3D Models! | Top 3D models

iconPot - totally free icons

Explosion Generator

Делимся моделями! :) (3 стр) / Форум / Графический Дизайн / — Разработка игр

Context Free Art

Ресурсы - Файлы для игроделов - Создание игр, Игровые движки, Конструкторы игр

The Trees - Unify Community Wiki

by FatCow Web Hosting

some famous 3d models

Professional und individually composed royalty-free Tracks and Songs? For Singer, Artists and Bands. - Particle Systems

Building an Advanced Particle System

Particles Tutorial

Quagmire Particle Engine - OpenGL

Particle Systems API

Particle Systems (2)

Astralax Magic Particles


Cloth Simulation - Redirect by

Realistic Modeling of Bird Flight Animations

Collision Detection



Gamasutra -- Physics Resource Guide 2003

Particle Systems

s Home Page (Under Construction)

2D Water

Tokamak Game Physics SDK version 1 is now FREE


Water Simulation -- A Simple Time-Corrected Verlet Integration Method

Введение в физическую библиотеку Tokamak / Engine / Статьи /

Rag doll. / Engine / Статьи /

Python Open Dynamics Engine Wrapper

Skeletal Animation

Tutorials -- Skeletal Animation

Physically Based Modeling

An Introduction to Physically Based Modeling

s Rigid Body Dynamics Information

Havok - Havok FX™

Particle Systems API

Newton Game Dynamics

XProger Site - Статьи - OpenGL

Animating Hair with Loosely Connected Particles



Cloth Simulation

FASTCD: Fracturing-Aware Stable Collision Detection

Optimization Techniques - GFX

Antisphere - Cartoon Rendering of 3D Scenes, Cel Shading (Philippe Decaudin)




Real-Time Per-Pixel Rendering With Stroke Textures

s NPR-site

s Homepage

Interactive Stroke-based Illustrations and their Application to Geovisualization - Real-Time Cartoon Rendering with Direct-X 8.0 Hardware

Artistic Vision

Toon Rendering

EGSR04: 15th Eurographics Symposium on Rendering

Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Game Developer Magazine Companion Source Page

Painterly Rendering

COMP 238 Final Project: Non-Photorealistic Rendering Techniques for a Game Engine

Real-Time Nonphotorealistic Rendering - Markosian, Kowalski, Trychin, Hughes (ResearchIndex)

Publications - Graphics Group

SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Newsletter - Non-Photorealistic Rendering - February 99

Processing images and video for an impressionist effect

Paint Alchemy

Real-Time Nonphotorealistic Rendering

Algorithms for Rendering in Artistic Styles

NYU Media Research Lab | Projects | Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Illustrating Smooth Surfaces

Amy Ashurst Gooch

Stippling and Silhouettes Rendering in Geometry-Image Space | Xiaoru Yuan


Non-Photorealistic Rendering in Augmented Reality Environments

Realtime Painterly Rendering for Animation - Overview

Nonphotorealistic Rendering

Cyber Coalition, a Cel-Shading Community

The Impressionist Help

INSPIRE: An Interactive Image Assisted Non-Photorealistic Rendering System

Non-Photorealistic Rendering in Context: An Observational Study

NPR Papers

Publications - Graphics Group

SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Newsletter - Non-Photorealistic Rendering - February 99

Meaningful abstraction

NPAR: International Symposium on Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering

DBLP: Bert Freudenberg

NPR References

NYU Media Research Lab | Projects | NPR | Painterly Rendering

j o t


Publications - Graphics Group

Non-Photorealistic Postprocessing Filters in MotoGP 2

Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics Library

Tobias Isenberg: Non-Photorealistic Illustration and Visualization

Tobias Isenberg: Silhouette and Pen-and-Ink Rendering

Computer-Generated Watercolor

Suggestive Contours

Publications - Graphics Group


Interactive watercolor rendering with temporal coherence and abstraction

Sketch rendering with Blender

Pencil render tutorial for Blender

Work Group Computer Graphics and Media Design, University of Konstanz

Bonzai Software

: MyUniversity - NPR Lenses browse

HMS : Research

Watercolor Illustrations of CAD Data

Нефотореалистичная визуализация: методы имитации акварельных красок | Компьютерная Графика и Мультимедиа

NexgenIPL top level

The FREEIMAGE Project Project Info - Titan

corona | home

libAfterImage Imaging Library.

Newton Game Dynamics Project Info - Cal3D - 3d character animation library

Simple DirectMedia Layer

Open Dynamics Engine - ODE


Python Imaging Library (PIL)

ImageMagick - Convert, Edit, and Compose Images

Independent JPEG Group - DevIL - A full featured cross-platform Image Library


Loki | Development | SMPEG | SDL MPEG Player Library (SMPEG)

GUL(Geometry Utility Library) - Homepage

Lapack++ Lapack++ v2.0.0 API Documentation

The CGAL Home Page Project Info - Open Computer Vision Library

NovodeX - game development technology

Peter Grogono - Concordia University Graphics Library

libnoise: a portable, open-source, coherent noise-generating library for C++

GD Graphics Library

Home - EaseProduction

GLFW - An OpenGL Framework

.:: FastGEO - By Arash Partow ::. Project Info - Pixcon Graphics SDK

Перевод спецификации ODE v0.5

Image Processing Library

The CImg Library - C++ Template Image Processing Library


Linear Algebra Package

CodeGuru A C++ Wrapper for TWAIN

cairo - introduction

: HomePage

TIFF Software

Filters image processing library

OGLFT: OpenGL-FreeType Library

GLTT - Home


The FreeType Project

A l l e g r o . C C

LittleCms, Great color at small footprint



OpenCSG - The CSG rendering library




GTS - The GNU Triangulated Surface Library

Qhull code for Convex Hull, Delaunay Triangulation, Voronoi Diagram, and Halfspace Intersection about a Point

Open Asset Import Library

GLConsole : Main - Home Page


SFML - Simple and Fast Multimedia Library

SPARK Particle Engine

libsquish - DXT compression library in C++

videoInput Library - free windows video capture library


Oregon BRDF Library

A Survey of BRDF Representation for Computer Graphics

A Real-Time Procedural Shading System for Programmable Graphics Hardware

Outdoor lighting

Indoor lighting models

Sh: A high-level metaprogramming language for modern GPUs


ShaderX Programming

Steep Parallax Mapping

Light Scattering from Human Hair Fibers

OptimiData: JPEG2000 Software Products: SDK

Players Project Info - AntoniePlayer Project Info - Fast Video Player for Windows Project Info - Open DVD Project Info - PBB Player Project Info - Smooth Player

The Code Project - Extracting AVI Frames - Audio and Video Project Info - DSVideoLib Project Info - DSPack

VideoLAN - Free Software and Open Source video streaming solution for every OS!

Theora — воспроизведение видео в играх. / Engine / Статьи /

Animation and Video

CodeGuru Writing Your Own AVI Files

Using the DirectShow Video Mixing Renderer 9 filter - The Code Project - DirectX

VeeJay - Trac


Linux AVI file library

Ticker ( Showing or Scrolling Text Over Running Video ) - The Code Project - Audio and Video

Recording DirectX and OpenGL Rendered Animations - The Code Project - DirectX

Linux Digital Video -

Create Movie From HBitmap

AVI example code for creating AVI files Project Info - OpenML® Reference Implementation

OpenML 1.0 Specification

Plastic Homepage

Nesnausk! - About

.theprodukkt - сайт о том, как делать демы


Naga Govindaraju

Computer Graphics Clausthal

s Homepage

Графические процессоры для высокопроизводительных вычислений





Bitonic sort

CIRL GPU Home Page

Learn More about CUDA - NVIDIA

GPU Computing

hlsl2glslfork - Project Hosting on Google Code | Использование видеокарт для вычислений

NUDA | Download NUDA software for free at

Seth Teller

Some graphocs info

s free geek stuff

s home page


s home page


s Blog - Recent Updates

Aaron Hertzmann: Research

Xin Tong

Willem H. de Boer

Matt Pharr

s Home Page

Steve Marschner

s homepage

s Home Page

Publications of Peter-Pike Sloan

Jonathan Cohen

Henrique (Rico) Malvar

Publications of Kun Zhou (Microsoft Researc Asia)

Журнал Пушыстого

Dinesh Manocha

highly professional scums » Blog Archive » Мега-пост

s Publications (Tokyo Univ.)

Ken Musgrave: Real Estate, both Real and Virtual

Real-Time Graphics Research

s Publications

Prof. Dr. Alexander Keller

Gernot Ziegler@MPI Saarbruecken

Marc Olano Papers

Peter Shirley

Nishita - ABSTRACT from Some of My Papers

Paul Bourke - Personal Pages

LMI : David Banks

s Code Suppository

Szymon Rusinkiewicz

Tobias Ritschel

Budi Purnomo - Johns Hopkins University

Graphics Runner

Future GPU Thoughts and Musings




s Page

Hardware-Accelerated Global Illumination by Image Space Photon Mapping


Kun Zhou

rants - the blog

Code Fortress


Atom - Timoth Farrar blogs

s Blog

pixel jet stream

Solid Angle

Lightning Engine

Timo Aila - Homepage

Crunchy Bytes - Journal

Associate Professor Shaun David Ramsey

ABSTRACT from Some of My Papers

Homepage of Chris Dyken

s Code Suppository

Ken’s Blog

OpenCL Tutorials | MacResearch

Introduction to OpenCL

CLyther dev documentation — CLyther documentation

OpenCL tutorials with OpenCLTemplate and Cloo

Introduction to OpenCL™ Programming

Introductory Tutorial to OpenCL™

Adventures in OpenCL: Part 1.5, C++ Bindings | enj

Adventures in OpenCL: Part 1, Getting Started | enj

Adventures in OpenCL Part 2: Particles with OpenGL | enj

OpenCL™ Optimization Case Study: Simple Reductions

ViennaCL - A linear Algebra library

Part 1: OpenCL™ – Portable Parallelism - CodeProject 3D programming FAQ. Содержание.

The Character Animation FAQ

Matrix and Quaternion FAQ

Derivation of tangent space basis for triangular meshes

Building an Edge List

Tangent Space Calculation

Введение в 3D-программирование

Coordinate Systems, Vectors, Planes FAQ


Part One: Euclidian Geometric Algebra and Quaternions - OpenGL

Quaternion Math Class

ECE 498 AL - Programming Massively Parallel Processors

Moscow State University Regatta community

CUDA.CS.MSU.SU | Группы Google

NVIDIA CUDA — неграфические вычисления на графических процессорах


ECE 498 AL - Programming Massively Parallel Processors

CIS 665 GPU Programming and Architecture

GPGP 2007: Class Schdule

Workshop on High Performance GPU Computing with NVIDIA CUDA



s web page

gpuocelot -running CUDA kernels on differnet hardware


CULAtools - Home


MDGPU - Molecular Dynamics on a graphics card

About grid size and performance - NVIDIA Forums

Parallel Cyclic Reduction - NVIDIA Forums

cudpp - Project Hosting on Google Code

Parallel Cyclic Reduction - NVIDIA Forums

intersecting line segments on GPU - NVIDIA Forums

ECE 498 AL - Applied Parallel Programming


random numbers inside the Kernel

CUVI | CUDA Vision and Imaging Library

Nukada FFT library

High Performance Computing with CUDA

GTC 2010 Presentation Archive


Mark Steele: WebGL updates

Yohei Shimomae’s Blog

Nihilogic - JavaScript, games and other things that matter

Escher-Droste effect in WebGL

WebGL Extension Registry

Рендеринг объёма… aycasting.pdf

Peter Triers Blog » GPU raycasting tutorial

GPU Gems - Chapter 39. Volume Rendering Techniques

GPU Gems - Chapter 40. Applying Real-Time Shading to 3D Ultrasound Visualization

Real volumetric rednering datasets

tum.3D - Computer Graphics and Visualization

Game Developer Magazine Companion Source Page

Implementing Curved Surface Geometry

Gamasutra - Features Curved Surfaces Using Bezier Patches [06.11.99]

3D Resources


Marc Olano A Programmable Pipeline for Graphics Hardware (Hirarchical Radiosity)

Infinity Textures Web Resource


GameTutorials - Game programming tutorials, news, previews

3D Universe - все о вселенной 3D - The Art of Modeling Lens Flares home

RENDER.RU - Новости -

Clootie graphics page

Laser Bolt in 3D - GFX

Real-time High Dynamic Range Texture Mapping

Color Conversion Algorithms

Recovering High Dynamic Range Radiance Maps from Photographs

L1fГлавная страница

BlackSmith Studios - Main

High Dynamic Range Image Encodings

International Color Consortium

Shadow Generation Algorithms

nV News - Technology - Page 1 of 1 - Automatic Portal Generation - High Dynamic Range Rendering

Binary Space Partitioning Trees

PVS Tutorial - Your source for game development - An Introduction to Stencil Shadow Volumes

Casting Shadows In Densly Occluded Areas With Detail Objects

Exaflop! The Programmers Resource

Future Opportunities - Garland (ResearchIndex)

Progressive Splines (ResearchIndex)

Interactive Display of Global Illumination Solutions for Non-diffuse Environments - A Survey - Heidrich (ResearchIndex)

The toxic Open Source Renderer

flipcode - SSE Ray/Box Intersection Test

3D tutorial - the world of reflections Part II

YOV408 Programming tutorials - 3D programming


The Demo Effects Collection

CodeGuru: Delaunay Triangles - game development and more...

CodeGuru: Polygon Clipping

Компьютерная Графика

Компьютерная графика и мультимедиа: Главная


Global Illumination Compendium -- The Guide to Global Illumination Algorithms

BSP trees in 3D worlds texts


An HSV/RGBA colour picker. - Miscellaneous Controls

s Computer Lab


Graphic Links - Shadow Mapping and Shadow Volumes

Game Developer - Source Code

Slabman Meathouse

How to implement the FFT algorithm - C++ / MFC

Delphi3D - Rapid OpenGL Development


Разработка 3D движка на Direct3D в среде Delphi(7)

ZP+: correct Z-pass stencil shadows


Interactive water effect - OpenGL -- The Theory of Stencil Shadow Volumes


flipcode - 3D Platonic Primitive Generators

TOC for Geometry Algorithm Archive

Steep Parallax Mapping

Welcome to nV News - A Leading Source Of NVIDIA Related News...

EasyRGB - Color mathematics and conversion formulas.

More groovy stuff from the maker of Ultragroovalicious

Geometric Tools: Home Page

For Programmers

Статья об использовании hardware occlusion queries для быстрого определения видимых объектов в больших сценах

GameDev 3D - For the abstract thinker

Volume Raycasting

Программирование магических игр. Оглавление.

Lakmus soft

Games from Within

Code Fortress //

Fluid Studios

The RenderMan Academy - Lafortune Shading Model

[LFTG97] - Главная

Graphic Links on distributed and global illumination

Graphic Links-2

Graphic Links-3 - Разработка графического движка #1: Введение.

CGTALK.RU - Дневной Дозор

PNPOLY - Point Inclusion in Polygon Test - WR Franklin (WRF)

Geometric Operations on Millions of Objects

Nearpt3 - Nearest Point Query on 184M Points in E3 with a Uniform Grid (WRF)

s Relief Texture Mapping Page - SSE2 for Dummies (who know C/C++)

Dimension3 - Home :: Новости

s Public Software (gpc) - General Polygon Cliller Library



Real-Time Volume Graphics

Variance Shadow Maps

OpenDEN | Free, Open Source 3D Graphics, Animation - Page 1


Golly, a Game of Life simulator

Алгоритм сглаживания Smart Filtering. / Графика / Статьи /

s Balls -- A Closer Look At Parallax Occlusion Mapping - High Dynamic Range Environment Mapping On Mainstream Graphics Hardware

Journal of Graphics Tools - Home

[] The Marching Cubes Algorithm

Wavelet Triple Product Integrals for All-Frequency Relighting

rthdribl - Real-Time High Dynamic Range Image-Based Lighting 1.2 -

s models)


XProger Site - Новости

XProger Site - Экспорт анимированных 3D моделей

Linear-Speed Vertex Cache Optimisation


T U T O R I A L S -- High Dynamic Range Rendering

Компьютерная графика и анимация для игр - Статьи и уроки по 3ds MAX


Перевод: Текстурный туториал by Hourences / Статьи / VoodariuS / Пользователи /

WaTor - An OpenGL based screensaver - The Code Project - OpenGL

Packing Lightmaps. Упаковка карт освещения (перевод) / Статьи / Антон Аксёнов / Пользователи /


Новости - MirGames

Philip Rideout :: Bloom

Thoughts Serializer

s Projects

Bonzai Software


Fundamental Panorama Equations

Фрактальные молнии - Статьи / OpenGL - MirGames - сообщество разработчиков игр (Delphi, C++, C#, Mobile) - Портал для программистов

Coriolis домашняя страница

Ragestorm - Programming World

Программирование современных графических процессоров

Icare3D - OpenGL Geometry Shader Marching Cubes

Geometry Shader Hello World - Graphics - The Computer Science Agora

Geometry Shader Codes | Shader Model 4.0 « t0t4| |nt3Rn4L R3F|3Ct|0n Of R34L|tY

Center for Visual Information Technology

s Blog: Shader Model 4.0 examples

PSM Notes 2

PSM Notes

octrees - Notes on spatial partitioning


Fantasy Lab

Last World Project [ High Dynamic Range ( HDR). ]

Discrete cosine transform - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Image Compression Using Block Truncation Coding

Megatexture Project - Главная

Welcome to

Русский сайт движка GLScene


Depth Map based Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion


Depth-based Ambient Occlusion :: paste

s the difference from VS ? - Beyond3D Forum


Ben Cloward - Character Animator | Shaders - Global Illumination Shader

Packing a float into a texture - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums

Extended Perspective Shadow Maps (XPSM)

GameDev.GamesLife.Ru - создание игр на opengl и directx.

Народ.Ру: Volume Clouds III beta movies

INRIA :: [inria-00070242, version 1] Fast Precomputed Ambient Occlusion for Proximity Shadows

Beyond3D - MegaTexture in Quake Wars

Ramblings in 3D (and other stuff)

Journal of Ysaneya

Devon Strawn : Ambient Occlusion Shading


NVision - Main Page

lightindexed-deferredrender - Google Code

Формат 3DS-файла

Learning to Love your Z-buffer.

Саншафты в outdoor сценах

s Ocean Shader Freely Downloadable [6.5]

Specular highlight - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


SMD file format - Valve Developer Community

oZone3D.Net Tutorials - NVIDIA G80: OpenGL Programming - New OpenGL Extensions - GLSL - Geometry shader

s personnal homepage

Архив материалов - VileDog software

s personnal homepage

R-tree Portal - Home

s personnal homepage

Diary of a Graphics Programmer

Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion - Discussion and Help Forums

Blog: Experiments with SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion)

gamedusa blog

Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion with Composite Nodes

Encelo’s Blog

Depth of Field with GLSL - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums

FilouGK: Shafts of light alias God Rays

Реализация процессора эффектов постобработки. Создание пост-эффектов часть 2

Фрактальные молнии - Статьи / OpenGL - MirGames - сообщество разработчиков игр (Delphi, C++, C#, Mobile)

Catalin Zima - XNA and HLSL blog » Lightning Sample

s Stuff

SSAO article

Реализация процессора эффектов постобработки. Часть 2 - Создание пост-эффектов

s Web Space

The Last World Project [ Главная Страница ]

XNACommunity - Home

Journal of Ysaneya - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums

__vortex__: Crysis : #Lecture : Articles

Nitrogen - Delphi C++ and OpenGL Programming

Rendering Grass Terrains in Real-Time with Dynamic Lighting

Plants - Books and Papers

Timai ( rus ): Растительность. Часть 1. Генерация.

Advanced Lighting Techniques Dan Baker (Meltdown 2005)

Ashikhmin-Shirley lighting model - A Survey of Shading Models for Real-time Rendering

Ogre Forums :: View topic - SSAO [Screen Space Ambient Occlusion] Demo + Source

Ingrater’s 3D Blog

Штриховой карандашный шейдер

s Computer Graphics Tutorial

On-line library -- by date

Russian Ziggyware

The Last World Project [ Статьи: Percentage-Closer Soft Shadows (PCSS) ]

gameworld - Сообщество украинских разработчиков игр

/dev/klog · Forward compatible OpenGL 3 entry points

Resynthesizer / making more texture

Screen space shadows blur для нескольких источников света (Трабл решён. Пост №12) / Программирование игр / Форум / - Разработка игр - Soft-Edged Shadows

Philip Rideout :: Bloom

The Last World Project [ Статьи: High Dynamic Range Rendering ( HDRR ). ]

Exponential Shadow Maps « Pixels, Too Many..

A conceptually simple(r) way to derive exponential shadow maps + sample code « Pixels, Too Many..

all noise

Subsurface Scatter Shader « machines don’t care

RealityPrime » Scenegraphs: Past, Present, and Future

Screen Space Water - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums

Particle effect viewer - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums

Digital Playground


ForceWare 181.00: Five New OpenGL Extensions and How To Create an OpenGL 3.0 Rendering Context | The Geeks Of 3D

Sparse Virtual Textures

stereopsis : michael herf miscellanei, graphics, code, life

Homepage von Nicolas Menzel

ГОСТ курсовые дипломные скачать бесплатно _ ГОСТ чертежи курсовые дипломные снип - File extension library

MJP’s XNA Danger Zone

XNA Tutorials and XNA Tools - Deferred Shading in XNA

XNA Tutorials and XNA Tools - Fur Rendering in XNA

Parallel-Split Shadow Maps demo

Game Rendering


Packing vertex data


highly professional scums

Light scattering with openGL shader

XFont - Get font name and file information

Как компьютер рассчитывает изображения. Технологии программного рендеринга. Часть 2 | Видеокарты | Статьи Hardware | Статьи, обзоры | Новости и статьи | Ф-Центр

Wolfire Games Blog

page - Text - Compact Normal Storage for small G-Buffers

s CG

Unigine crew

Orange Graphix

EnterTheSingularity: Deferred Rendering w/ MSAA - MSAA Z Prepass Idea

[Shader Library] Night Vision Post Processing Filter (GLSL) | The Geeks Of 3D - 3D Tech News

Geeks3D Shader Library - GLSL

High Quality Anti-Aliased Real Time Contours in OpenGL | The Geeks Of 3D - 3D Tech News

s devlog: Night Vision effect » What is and why do we need explicit_multisample? (or how to do real antialiasing in deferred shading)


s research webpage

CMU 15-463: Rendering and Image Processing

The Hacks of Life: OpenGL

Real-Time Global Illumination

Lightning Engine » Blog Archive » Virtual Textures

BlackHC’s Adventures in the Dev World » Blog Archive » From Vertex Positions to Packed Element Arrays

My Graphic Demo: Atmospheric Scattering

RasterGrid Blog

drishti-2 - volumetric visualization library

s page

Tech Interview: Metro 2033 | DigitalFoundry

[TIPS] What is a Texture Processor Cluster or TPC? - 3D Tech News, Pixel Hacking, Data Visualization and 3D Programming -

Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications

SSbump Generator 5.3 w/ CUDA

CSE190Winter2010 - UCSD Graphics TWiki

Writing High Performance Code on the iPhone

Graphics Tech: Shadow Maps (part 2): Save 25% texture memory, and possibly much more. | The Witness

Мечта параноика или Еще раз о шифровании / Информационная безопасность / Хабрахабр

a thoroughly modern particle system


OpenGL Pixel Buffer Object (PBO)

Procedural Bump Mapping on the GPU - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums

3D World Simulation - Martin Baker

Журнал Пушыстого - Попадание точки в многоугольник. Количество заныриваний не равно количеству выныриваний.

Sweep And Prune / Термины / Программирование игр / — Разработка игр

High Performance Graphics 2010

Algebraic Surfaces Gallery

SIGGRAPH 2010 Links

Deferred MSAA « The Danger Zone

Math Proofs: Mapping a Cube to a Sphere

Morphological Antialiasing on GPU

Filmic Games » Early Z-Cull with Clamped Depth

Progressive Meshes

s Blog: Spherical Harmonics Explorer

Лекция #9. Скелетная анимация, эффективные реализации. Морфинг. [Лектор - IronPeter] / Статьи / Gamedev Lecture / Сообщества / — Разработка игр

The Hacks of Life: Per-Pixel Tangent Space Normal Mapping

SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 Papers

Volumetric Methods in Visual Effects (SIGGRAPH 2010 course) — Magnus Wrenninge

Filmic Games » A Head! And a Rendermonkey Scene?

Graphics Tech: Texture Parameterization | The Witness

Computing Alpha Mipmaps | The Witness

Realtime Radiosity, Global Illumination News

Decoupled Sampling for Real-Time Graphics Pipelines

Matrix and Quaternion FAQ

Thick Glass with Floating-Point Textures at The Little Grasshopper

GeeXLab - Laboratory for Real Time 3D Programming - Scriptable 3D Game Engine - GLSL, XML, LUA, Python, PhysX |

A perlin noise function on the GPU - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums

A Rapid Hierarchical Rendering Technique for Translucent Materials

s blog: Best Fit Normal Map Generator + Source Code

A Meshless Hierarchical Representation for Light Transport

Homepage of rafwrobel :: View topic - HistoPyramids for GPU Data Expansion

Haik Lorenz :: Research :: Geometry shaders

X-GRAPH - Портал о работе с 3D графикой. XNA, DirectX и PhysX

A Flexible Kernal for Adaptive Mesh Refinement

Phong Tessellation

vivid_bw - SlideBoom Community

Connelly - Technical: Eigenvectors of 3x3 symmetric matrix

Tron, Volumetric Lines, and Meshless Tubes at The Little Grasshopper

Color FAQ - Abstract

Gamma FAQ - Abstract

Branch-free implementation of half-precision (16 bit) floating point - CellPerformance

Half precision floating-point format - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Morphological Antialiasing on GPU

Position From Depth, GLSL Style « The Danger Zone

Tower22: Take me to Screen-Space land

MMA Web Index

FMOD Homepage, Firelight Multimedia

eGroups AudioProgramming

The Leonard Homepage (The alternative programming page)

Xaudio - Multiplatform MP3 Playback Libraries

Tech -


Harmony Central® Computer Music Resources

Noise Station

Myriad Web Site

Multimedia Programming - Table of Contents

Welcome to Liquid Audio

WAV.RU - Навигация в мире звука -

Creative Labs Developer Relations

Музыкальный компьютер

audiere home

SoX - Sound eXchange

Using DirectSound to Play Audio Stream Data - DirectX

winLAME home page

CodeGuru A Cd-audio class to build a simple CD player

CodeGuru Rip Audio from a CD and More

OpenAL (Open Audio Library) Development Home

Portals Tutorial

OpenAL Lesson 6 Advanced Loading and Error Handles

Programming 3D Sound With OpenAL

OpenAL Lesson 1 Simple Static Sound

OpenAL Lesson 2 Looping and Fadeaway

OpenAL Lesson 3 Multiple Sources

OpenAL Lesson 4 The ALC

OpenAL Lesson 5 Sources Sharing Buffers

OpenAL Lesson 7 The Doppler Effect

OpenAL Lesson 8 OggVorbis Streaming Using The Source Queue

Loading OggVorbis Files From Memory Project Info - OpenAL++

t an MP3 Encoder

Time Stretching and Pitch Shifting of Audio Signals

Music DSP Ressource

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - ALSA

CodeGuru: PCM Audio and Wave Files

Microsoft WAVE soundfile format


CMp3Tags - id3v1.1 Tag Reader/Writer - Audio and Video

DLL Source For Buffer-based MP3 Decoding - DLLs

Underbit: MAD (MPEG Audio Decoder)

2MIDI / BASS / MID2XM / MO3 / XM-EXE / XMPlay Homepage

project musik

Simple audio recording program - The Code Project - Win32 / SDK

Delphi OpenAL - Lesson #12 (EAX environment)

Simple Audio Out Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer - The Code Project - Audio and Video

OpenAL Extension Registry

eyeD3 0.6.11

s Code Snippets

ID3v2 Developers Information

id3lib - The ID3v1/ID3v2 Tagging Library

foobar2000 Russian Community

Madlld: libmad low-level API demonstration

Using DirectSound to Play Audio Stream Data - DirectX

Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

AIMP2: Home Page

cAudio Audio Engine

Getting Started with Git on Windows - Blog - Kevin

Git For Windows Developers – Git Series - Part 1 - Jason Meridth - Los Techies : Blogs about software and anything tech!

Gitbox — Git client for Mac OS X

InfraRecorder » Welcome

The Best, Free Alternatives to Nero CD/DVD Burner

Десятка бесплатных программ для записи оптических дисков | Программное обеспечение - 3DNews - Daily Digital Digest

DVDFab Passkey Download - Softpedia


Multiple Burning Software

DVD Flick

The Official ImgBurn Website

free dvd copy cd dvd burner audio data shrink dvd - burn4free freeware

CDBurnerXP: Introduction and News

CDCheck - CD checking and recovery software

elby CloneDVD™ 2

Hamster Free Burning Studio

Exact Audio Copy

скачать MKV Converter свободный

как dvd переделать в mkv? (pg.1)

s Forum

Downloads for Windows | Matroska

Aone Ultra MKV Converter 3.2.0610 - скачать

MakeMKV - Make MKV from Blu-ray and DVD

Download VidCoder 0.4.1 Beta Free - A DVD ripping and video transcoding program for Windows - Softpedia

MeGUI | Download MeGUI software for free at

Avisynth rev. 2 | Download Avisynth rev. 2 software for free at

Download videos from most popular video sharing sites and save it to your PC, Laptop, iPod, Sony PSP, Zune, PDA, iPhone, cell phone, Palm, Pocket PC.

V - A Freeware Portable C++ GUI Framework for Windows, X, and OS-2


The Open Watcom Project

Collake Software(Archiever)

LCC-Win32 a compiler system for Windows 95 - NT by Jacob Navia

Sysinternals Freeware


TextPad - the text editor for Windows


MacKichan Software - The Home of Scientific WorkPlace, Scientific Word, and Scientific Notebook

Miranda Instant Messenger

Panda ActiveScan - Free online scanner

FCKeditor - The text editor for Internet

s Web Design - A Good Place to Start Learning HTML

Award-Winning NoteTab Text Editors and HTML Editors

Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview

Smart Web Builder - бесплатный html-редактор

.:: NOTEPAD++ ::.

Bloodshed Software - Dev-C++

CvsGui - Downloads

Genivia: gSOAP Toolkit

Inno Setup

Virtual pc, virtual machine and multiple operating system solutions by Parallels, Inc.

PDF Online : Free Online PDF Converter, Create PDF, PDF Data Capture, PDF Extraction, Convert PDF to Word, PDF Server, COM Object, PDF .Net, Adobe Acrobat PDF, PDF Component, PDF Printer Driver, PDF programming, PDF toolkit, PDF api, PDF SDK COM Object, PDF Development

Scribus - Open Source Desktop Publishing for Linux, Mac OS® X and Windows®

MinGW - Home


Main Page - NSIS

Mars Software :: Mars Notebook

LiVES Video Editing System - Because the media should be open

MediaCoder - The universal audio/video transcoder

Homepage of Crimson Editor - Free Text Editor, Html Editor, Programmers Editor for Windows ODF Add-in for Word 2007 PDFCreator Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset


Component Manager - NSIS

Windows Icon Editors, Icon Library Editors - Aha-Soft

Code::Blocks IDE - Open Source, Cross-platform Free C++ IDE

editor PSPad - freeware HTML editor, PHP editor, XHTML, JavaScript, ASP, Perl, C , HEX editor


Windows Icon Editors, Icon Library Editors - Aha-Soft

AV(T) Lab - Russian Page

Punk Software - RocketDock

PDF Editor

ISpell - LS-Distribution - English

Unattended, A Windows deployment system: Unattended/Silent Installation Switches for Windows Apps

Thunderbird - Reclaim Your Inbox

Hamachi : Stay Connected

Free Firewall Software - Comodo™ Firewall

Punto Switcher - клавиатурный переключатель

Disk Defrag - реальная скорость вашего компьютера!



GRA SOFTWARE Site - FreeSpacer

L-Kalendar, Словарь Ожегова, Словарь иностранных слов, Словарь синонимов, Орфографический словарь

MacDjView - бесплатные программы для Windows. Скачать софт на все случаи жизни

The Ultimate TagScanner: Новости

Графический редактор Flora3D. Генератор и конструктор деревьев.

KDiff3 - Homepage

Inno Setup

apache friends - xampp

A+ Freeware - Home

Программы -

Codec Guide: K-Lite Codec Pack and other useful stuff

Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher for Windows

Convert PDF, HTML, DOC, TIFF and more

PeaZip: free archiver utility, 7Z ACE PAQ RAR TAR ZIP tool

GPU-Z Video card GPU Information Utility

Free PDF Converter - do PDF

N|vu Russian page

KompoZer - Easy web authoring

CodeProject: ToDoList 5.4.7 Feature Release - A simple but effective way to keep on top of your tasks. Free source code and programming help


The Flexomizer - Free Disk Defragmenter

Dictionary and Thesaurus - Merriam-Webster Online

ToDoList Resources © AbstractSpoon Software

Download XP Codec Pack 2.3.6 - XP Codec Pack is one of the most completed codec packs » Download Files

GOM software - Free, Simple, Light, It just plays! - GOM Media Player, GOM encoder

ProtectedSoft VideoDVDMaker,FinalBurner,DVD2AVI Ripper,YouTube2Video

Geomorph Home Page


pygccxml documentation

Tobu Tutorial

FileZilla — бесплатный FTP-клиент

Ad-Aware 2007 - Reviews and free Ad-Aware 2007 downloads at

StarUML - The Open Source UML/MDA Platform

AIMP2: Home Page

7-Zip - CPU-Control (Win 98/2000/XP/Vista)


Десять маленьких программ, без которых неуютно жить / Я умный / Хабрахабр

VDOWNLOADER - Download videos from Youtube, MySpace, Pornotube, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Yuvutu, and similar sites

MSWLogo, An Educational programming language

Официальный сайт Orfo Switcher

CodeLite, an open source, cross platform C/C++ IDE | Main / HomePage

TortoiseSVN downloads | TortoiseSVN


Splashup Light

The KOffice Project - Krita Image Editor


yEd - Graph Editor

Dependency Walker (depends.exe) Home Page

Утилита для генерации Normal и Height анимированной воды - Графика - Программирование - Форум

Home of the MD5summer

Dia draws your structured diagrams: Free Windows version of the popular open source program

CMake - Cross Platform Make

Clang - Getting Started

tortoisegit - Project Hosting on Google Code

gitextensions - Project Hosting on Google Code

s gmate

Sysinternals Utilities


StarUML - The Open Source UML/MDA Platform

12 портативных приложений для веб-разработчика / Web-разработка / Хабрахабр

Original | TaskFreak! web based task manager and todo list, project management made easy

Simple Software - Notes

FileZilla - The free FTP solution

K-Lite Video Conversion Pack

Allegorithmic | MaPZone

Inkscape. Draw Freely. | Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing

s FREE Codec solutions - Windows 7 codecs

Windows 7 Codec Pack - get license numbers of installed software

calibre - E-book management

Advanced Host Controller Interface — Википедия

About Air Video - Video Streamer for iPhone/iPad

Dropbox - Home - Online backup, file sync and sharing made easy.

epub-tools - Project Hosting on Google Code

SIV - System Information Viewer


Autoruns for Windows | The free PDF Creator and Converter

gDEBugger - OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenCL Debugger, Profiler and Memory Analyzer

About RocketDock -

Антивирус avast!

Remember Everything | Evernote Corporation

NShader - HLSL - GLSL - CG - Shader Syntax Highlighter AddIn for Visual Studio

Universal-soundbank - English version

freesound :: home page

Mr GamerMaker

Gamasutra - Features - The Art and Science of Level Design [01.10.01]

Peroxide Site

Half-Life Editing Resource Center

SOLID - Software Library for Interference Detection


Game Creation Resources

b-e-o-s-i-l - cal3d - News

The Official QuArK website - Download


My site

Mystic Game Development

id.sdk [Introduction]

Game Programming - Games++

Book of Hook - News

Gaffer on Games: Zen of Networked Physics

Tutorials - 3D Game and Shader Development

L1f Программирование игр/Главная страница

Game Research and Technology

::Xdata:: under construction

Tokamak Game Physics SDK version 1 is now FREE

Game Developers Conference 2005

Unreal Networking Architecture

\\XGM\\Max Payne\\Статьи\\Новое оружие через Milkshape 1.7.2\\

VPF::Программирование игр, графики и искусственного интеллекта - Форум программистов Vingrad

Unofficial Quake 3 Map Specs

GameDeler - Неслабый кодинг | Все о программировании игр и программ | Главная страница - GAME BIZ ADVICE


Basic ODE Physics Tutorial

Common ODE Joints Tutorials

ODE Bouncing Ball Physics Tutorial

Программирование магических игр. Оглавление.

STorm3d_DX Game development engine


Tutorials at Game Dev Geek

GameDev :: Главная страница

GameDev.GamesLife.Ru - создание игр на opengl и directx.

Сайт о том, как делать игры!

Game de Zigner

Code Red Games

DTF.RU - То, что вам никто не говорил о многозадачности в Windows [стр. 1 из 5]

Game Developer

Game Developer Magazine

gameworld - Сообщество украинских разработчиков игр - Показать сообщение отдельно - Введение в Deferred Shading

Главная страница / MirGames

Free Game Development Libraries

gameworld - Сообщество украинских разработчиков игр

A* Pathfinding for Beginners

Beginners Guide to Pathfinding Algorithms

Game/AI: Fixing Pathfinding Once and For All

What every programmer needs to know

Amit’s Game Programming Information

Crysis Wars MOD SDK

Web Libraries & Toools

Pylons Python Web Framework

The Trac Project - Trac

Jinja Template engine

Cheetah - The Python-Powered Template Engine

CherryPy - a pythonic, object-oriented web development framework

Zope — платформа для веб-хостинга

Django | The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines

Django | Documentation | Template guide


Midgard CMS: Midgard Project: Midgard - New user experience

Myghty - High Performance Python Templating Framework

TurboGears: Front-to-Back Web Development -- What Is TurboGears (Hint: Python-Based Framework for Rapid Web Development)

PyRSS2Gen-0.0 - an RSS 2.0 generator for Python


pypcap - Google Code

Python Package Index : pcap 0.4

Plone: A user-friendly and powerful open source Content Management System —

Deliverance Introduction - deliverance - OpenPlans

Pylons Framework / Web-разработка / Хабрахабр

Проекты Python в рамках Google Summer of Code — gevent / Язык программирования Python / Хабрахабр

Syntax highlighting source code for the web using Python and |

Pygments — Python syntax highlighter

Маниакальный веблог » ijson

myspell-python home page

Python Notes

Язык программирования Python

Reilly Python cookbook code samples ratings review

Dive Into Python

В глубь языка Python

Python-C API Reference Manual

Python Documentation Index

Five Easy Pieces

Alex Martelli Python Materials


Getting Started - wxPython Wiki

Pyro - About Project Info - winpdb

Python Open Dynamics Engine Wrapper

OmskLUG : Python

Index of /j2a/python/modules/numeric

Bookmarks:Programming and Software:Languages:Python


OmskLUG : Python GUI

OmskLUG : py 2 exe


Python Learning Foundation: Computer Programming for Everybody, Tutorials, Book Reviews, Code, and Fun, CP4E

The Lair of the Python

Python Vs Ruby


PyCode - Python Programming

Boa Constructor home

Patterns in Python

GadflyB5: SQL Relational Database in Python gadfly

PyObjC - Creating your first PyObjC application.


Using PyObjC for Developing Cocoa Applications with Python

PEP 8 -- Style Guide for Python Code

Python slides: appendix material

Python Tutorials, more than 300, updated April 11, 2006, and carefully sorted by topic and category pli


Psyco - Home Page

Pyrex PyCXX Python-C++ Connection


s Python Editor

Python Extension writing

PyOpenGL -- The Python OpenGL Binding

Python/XML Libraries

Numpy Home Page

s Guide

OOmadness rope


The ctypes package

Filters image processing library

C++ Python language binding

s Place

Twisted – Trac

How to Beat Rails « Important Shock

SQLAlchemy - The Database Toolkit for Python


Meta-classes Made Easy

Python Cheese Shop : setuptools 0.6c5

property ((An Unofficial) Python Reference Wiki)

Python Imaging Library (PIL)

The Python Papers

The Eric Python IDE

AnotherTutorial - wxPyWiki

wxPython Download

PyChecker: a python source code checking tool

ODFPY - Python API and tools | OpenDocument Fellowship

PEP 0263 -- Defining Python Source Code Encodings


pygccxml documentation

pysqlite – Trac

s Home: a sneak preview of PyObjC 2.0

Cocoa for Scientists (Part XX): Python Scripters...Meet Cocoa | MacResearch


NodeBox | Home

Python Package Index : MySQL-python 1.2.2 MySQL for Python


Carpet Python

PyScripter - IDEL for Python

s Python Editor

Riverbank | Software | SIP | What is SIP?


Кузявые ли бутявки, т.е. пишем морфологический анализатор на Python. / Язык программирования Python / Хабрахабр

pymorphy - Trac

Home | pymorphy | Assembla


mejedi: Pygdb

PyObject: pytils

PyObject: Блог

PyPy :: PyPy

Python сообщество

Облегчаем использование pyinstaller для создания exe / Язык программирования Python / Хабрахабр


kmike / pymorphy / overview — Bitbucket

Convert XML into JSON (Python dicts and lists structure) « Python recipes « ActiveState Code

Dijkstra Shortest Path Algorithm « Python recipes « ActiveState Code

Self Extracting Archiver « Python recipes « ActiveState Code

Easy property creation and control « Python recipes « ActiveState Code

The Squeak Archive at UIUC

Cincom Smalltalk Application Development Tools

Kurtz-Fernhout Software Smalltalk about Squeak Smalltalk

Russian Smalltalk

Cetus Links 18,845 Links on Objects and Components - Smalltalk

Welcome to QKS

VisualWorks VisualWorks

IBM Software Application Development VisualAge Smalltalk Overview

VisualWorks NonCommercial Home Page


Exept Software AG

Smalltalk Tutorials

Cincom Smalltalk Home Page

Making Smalltalk with the Penguin LG #51

Prof. Dr. Stйphane Ducasse

Smalltalk Programming Language Information

Smalltalk Programming Language™ | versions | SqueakSmalltalk.html

Design Principles Behind Smalltalk

Squeak Smalltalk: Basic Language Reference

Index of /~ducasse/FreeBooks/ByExample

Smalltalk Solutions 2005

Smalltalk по-русски

Planet Smalltalk

GNU Smalltalk - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)

Smalltalk news and views you can use

Статьи - Smalltalk по-русски

CincomSmalltalkWiki: Cincom Smalltalk

About the Smalltalk Balloon

Google Groups : comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin

Bitwise Magazine :: serious computing

Seaside: Seaside

A Seaside tutorial

FAQ: How do I prepare an image/executable to start up with my application

Why Smalltalk: Supporting the Smalltalk Community

Ambrai Smalltalk

Object Arts | Dolphin Community Edition

Exploring Cocoa with F-Script

Scratch | Home | imagine, program, share

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Rails Start Manual - Ruby on Rails to russian

Goldberg -- A website development tool for Ruby on Rails

LoginGenerator in Ruby on Rails

HowToQuicklyDoAuthenticationWithLoginGenerator in Ruby on Rails

The Ruby Edge

Plugins - Localization - Agile Web Development

Planet RubyOnRails

Ruby on Rails - Веб-разработка с удовольствием

Unspace - Haml: HTML Abstraction Markup Language

We are on Rails! » Outsourcing stories

Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet Collectors Edition

RubyOnRails to russian | Google Groups

Sphinx - Free open-source SQL full-text search engine

Русскоязычные блоги/сайты по RubyOnRails - RubyOnRails to russian | Google Groups


Ruby brothers — Дмитрий Сабанин и Илья Сабанин о веб-разработке и бизнесе

Home Page - Ruby on Rails to russian

Rails App - Ruby on Rails to russian

Ruby OnRails in UA

RubyForge: rutils: Project Info

Typo Live Search. Решение проблемы поиска в кириллице

s rails_analyzer_tools-1.4.0 Documentation

RubyOnRails to russian | Google Groups

Ruby on Rails guides

Ten Recent Episodes of Ruby and Rails Screencasts

ActiveModel: Make Any Ruby Object Feel Like ActiveRecord « Katz Got Your Tongue?


Выбор хостинга с упором в облака и с прицелом на развёртывание Rails 3 app / Хостинг / Хабрахабр

Ruby on Rails Guides: Getting Started with Rails

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example | Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial book and screencasts | by Michael Hartl

Rails 3 in a Nutshell

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Agile Web Development with Rails

Rails for Zombies

Ruby Home Page

Welcome to Ruby Central, Inc.

s Guide

RubyForge: Ruby PDF Tools: Project Info

Should Ruby Be Added to Your Programming Repertoire?

RAA - http-access2

RAA - soap4r



Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby

RAA - Ruby Application Archive

RAA - rubycocoa


Ruby RTF

RubyForge: RMagick: Project Info

Mongrel: News


Thin - yet another web server

WxRubyWiki: WxRuby


Sam Ruby: Continuations for Curmudgeons

Why Ruby is an acceptable LISP

Capistrano: Home

RubyCocoa Tutorial

Your first few days on RubyCocoa at Meta | ateM

The Ultimate List of RubyCocoa Tutorials, Tips and Tools

An Introduction to RubyCocoa | RubyCocoa Resources

RubyForge: rb++: Project Info

rb++ / rbgccxml

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | RubyCocoa

Shoes, a Tiny Toolkit

try ruby! (in your browser)

code [dot] — новости о Ruby и Ruby on Rails, отобранные сообществом разработчиков

Shoes • Colorful programs for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows


prawn - pure ruby PDF generation library

Ruby/Идеология — Викиучебник

Разработка на Ruby и Rails c нуля



QDE - Development Environment for Lua

oZone3D.Net Tutorials - LUA Programming - Game Development with LUA

The Programming Language Lua

lua-users wiki: Tutorial Directory

Using Lua with C++: A short tutorial

Getting Started With Lua at Game Dev Geek

Calling Lua Functions at Game Dev Geek

Calling C++ Functions From Lua at Game Dev Geek

Lua 5.1 reference manual - contents CppLua

toLua home page

ToLua Tutorial - GameDev.Net Discussion Forums


The LuaJIT Project

Я люблю Lua Язык программирования Lua I love Lua Lua programming language

toLua++ - binding c/c++ code to lua

LuaPlus Wiki : LuaPlus Home Page

The Little Grasshopper › Lua as an Effect File Format


Teach Yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days

Welcome to!

The Small language

UnrealScript Language Reference

Simkin scripting language Free Compiler Construction Tools

Gem A Generic Function Binding Interface


AngelCode Scripting Library (AngelScript)


StepTalk - GNUstepWiki

Paul Graham

The Code Project - Crafting an interpreter Part 1 - Parsing and Grammars - C++ / MFC

Sam Ruby: The Case for Dynamic Languages

The Code Project - TOOL - Free Tools

Two More Words - The Code Project - COM/DCOM/COM+

ActiveState - Komodo IDE Perl Python Tcl PHP XSLT - Dynamic Tools for Dynamic Languages

The Pawn language

bridgesupport - Trac

CodeEditor - Summary [Savannah]

EasyDiff Project details for Camaelon Project details for StepTalk Project details for

Index of /~wolfgang/cynthiune


Analog Clock



The Ocean Documentation Center

mGSTEP Home Page

the Official GNUstep webSite

StepTalk - GNUstepWiki Project details for CodeEditor

ProjectManager Application Features

GNUstep Core Data framework


Mac Blogs

s Place

s Website

Cocoa Samurai




Call Me Fishmeal.



Daring Fireball

Blog @

Borkware Miniblog


Michael Tsai - Blog


Living the Life -- Dave Batton

RogueSheep Bleatings



The iNexus

How to Change the World

Hangout :: Objective-C

The Tucows Blog — Blog

-dealloc // The Belkadan Software Blog

s blog | Joshual.Me.Uk

Code Sorcery Workshop

Bagelturf - Home Page

Planet Mac

Red Sweater Blog

Writers Block Live

Dejal - Blogs

A Little Drop Of Cocoa

Sam’s Blog

R. Matthew Emerson


Mac Fanatic

Living Code » GUI

Springenwerk Blog

Kickingbear Blog

Программирование на Python и Objective-C в Mac OS: Posts

MachineCodex :: Software

Jay Freeman’s Blog

Matt Legend Gemmell – Modesty is Lying

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend

Brandon Walkin

Alan Quatermain

machines don’t care

Hamster Emporium


Over 17 years of History


ArtRage 2


ChocoFlop - Live! Image and Photo Editing for Mac OS X

Growl Downloads

cocoAspell: Home

Cocoatech: Path Finder 4.6


Fink - Home

Flying Meat: VoodooPad

Hex Color Picker

i m a g e w e l l v2.1

Incredible 2D Images using NodeBox (Intel Binary!) « Martin Backschat’s Blog

Introducing Sandvox | Karelia Software

Mac reusable source code by author name

MacForge: Open Source for the Mac Community

Macfreewares: Freeware only, for Macintosh and Apple computers

MacRabbit - CSSEdit - Web 2.0 in Style

Game Downloads

s Home Page

s INFO-MAC HyperArchive

Romain Piveteau Software Web site presenting RhapsOGL and iMage


open sword - pixen

OS X Apps

Cocoa (w/ source)

Perian - A swiss-army knife for QuickTime

quicksilver:overview [docs]

RAA - rubycocoa

Reinvented Software - KIT - Keep Your Stuff in One Place, Find It Again Instantly

Rogue Amoeba - Freebies

Seashore - About

Smultron by Peter Borg Chamonix AquaTerm (Mac OS X graphics terminal)

The Omni Store

TinyApps.Org : OS X

Welcome to Bare Bones Software

Xbench: Comprehensive Macintosh Benchmarking

Patchburn Homepage

Vacuous Virtuoso › Core Graphics, meet Core Image

Image Tricks — reveal the hidden power of your images

Lemkesoft - Startseite

Must-have software for Mac OS X » Chip.Cuccio.US

RAR Expander


DropDMG: Disk Image, Archive, and Burning Utility for Mac OS X


Amnesty Widget Browser 1.3 - MacUpdate

Amnesty™ Widget Browser

Panic - Stattoo - Info that blends in with your Mac OS X Desktop!

Kelley Computing

OS X Portable Applications — FreeSMUG

FOSS Directory - Graphic — FreeSMUG

AGPGart driver - InsanelyMac Forum

More groovy stuff from the maker of Ultragroovalicious


ThinkMac Software

Sven Janssen - Mac OS X Software

Freeverse : Lineform


Программы для Mac OS X

LiquidCD 1.30 - MacUpdate



Welcome to Chronos

NetNewsWire for Mac - Award Winning RSS Reader for Macintosh

positive spin media | BombSquad

MUPhotoView 1.0 at

Iconfactory : Software : Xscope

OgreKit 1.2.3 download from Development Tools category

mac.soft - NoNaMe

МАЯК - NoNaMe Mac OS X Ext2 Filesystem Project Info - PRICE - image filtering and manipulation

Belkadan Software

infinite nexus : software beyond limits


PsyncX - Free Backup Software for Mac OS 10

macam : USB webcam support for Mac OS X

File Juicer - Extract images from PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other Files on Mac OS X

Taco Software - Taco HTML Edit

Open Source

The GNU-Darwin Distribution



ForkLift file manager for Mac OS X

Adium - Download

Many Tricks · Key Codes

Appleкейшенс - NoNaMe


Tubby 0.6.3

All things Cocoa

Disk Order - Mac Software for perfect file management


The Unarchiver

Mac OS X Utilities Collection


Cracks of Reality - a fractal image renderer


Cog - News

Download viJournal 1.5.1 for Mac Free Trial - viJournal is a personal journal application with a lot of powerfull features. - Softpedia

Tynsoe projects

Machonist - The Disassembler for MacOS X

Shiira Project


Colloquy: Downloads - Your source of mac stuff - Software

Obvious Matter

apache friends - xampp

Acqualia | Picturesque

h a o l i



Panic - Coda - One-Window Web Development for Mac OS X

Araelium Group : DMG Canvas

FluidMac - FluidNoise

GCDrawKit - Cocoa

Living Code » PyObjC

NodeBox | Home



NeoOffice Home

Layers | Screen forensics

Burn - Home

Titanium Software

AirGrab WiFi Radar, WiFi Analyzer, wifi Detection and management, AirPort WiFi Security and network scanners

Amazon S3 Browser for Mac OS X | About

Pref Setter

metaquark » AppFresh


open sword - pixen


xPad. The Ultimate Notepad.

Dejal - Caboodle

Graphic Designer Toolbox software

Products | atomicbird

NeoOffice Downloads

Koingo Software: Free Mac Software Downloads!

Acorn, the image editor for humans.

iChm - Cocoa CHM Reader for Mac OS X and iPhone/iPod Touch


Widget Manager

Терминал.app / Mac OS X / Хабрахабр

Paragon ExtFS for Mac OS X - AirPrint for PC

Kod - programmers editor

Mac OS X Programming

Mac OS X Libs Cocoa Sprite Kit


dPompa » HigherOrderMessaging

Ranchero Software: Open Source RSS Class for Cocoa

The ED Frameworks at Mulle kybernetiK

Connection Kit

maccode - Google Code


Dejal - Developer


Taking Advantage of PDF Kit in Your Cocoa Application

Matt Gemmell » Cocoa Source Code

77 Software

HOW TO | Connection Kit

MailCore Framework at Ronge

DrawWell Technologies Ltd

| coderus ltd |

RegexKit Framework

Core Transitions Framework › Vacuous Virtuoso

Living the Life | Source Code


easy persistent storage library for Cocoa

harmless Cocoa

Septicus Software Source Code

amber-framework - Google Code

entropydb - Google Code

Brandon Walkin » Introducing BWToolkit

sarchivekit - Google Code

regexkit - Revision 46: /RegexKitLite

BWToolkit - Interface Builder Plugin for Cocoa on Mac OS X

s CocoaREST at master - GitHub

Два класса для рисования графиков и диаграмм / Разработка под Mac OS X и iPhone / Хабрахабр

Рисуем карту как в Google Analytics / Разработка под Mac OS X и iPhone / Хабрахабр

Developer Color Picker

Cocoa: Sidebar with Badges, Take 2 : Th30z – Coding on the Fly

Objective Lua

s weblog

Projects on by Torsten Curdt

s weblog

fmdb - Obj-c Wrapper for SQL database

cocoahttpserver - Project Hosting on Google Code

M Cubed Software - Dev

Framework for building board and card games using CA

Jordan Breeding - Blog - Introducing Continuations for Objective-C

s SocketObjC at master - GitHub

LuaCore, a Cocoa wrapper to Lua

s UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument at master - GitHub

s Fragaria at master - GitHub

MGScopeBar » Matt Legend Gemmell

positive spin media | john pannell

NanoStore | Download NanoStore software for free at

Zathras Framework (UKKQueue)

Cocoa Mondo

CocoaCast | [Starting Point for Cocoa Developers]

Matt Gemmell » Cocoa Source Code

Living the Life -- Dave Batton

Living the Life -- Dave Batton

Living the Life -- Dave Batton

Living the Life -- Dave Batton

Living the Life -- Dave Batton


Warp, bend, squeeze and transform windows with CGSSetWindowWarp › Vacuous Virtuoso

Sitemap › Vacuous Virtuoso


Blog @ » Badging for Everyone

harmless Cocoa

harmless Cocoa



Nobody learns if nothing is brok3n: Cocoa Archives

The iNexus » Blog Archive » Hyperlinking text in maccode - a quick and dirty project

Making the HUD, Item 1: A Frame-Themed Party



Bithaus » NSImage Reflection

Blog @ » Gradients in Cocoa

Blog @ » GraphX Framework

Borkware Quickies

Python Cheese Shop : py2app 0.3.5

s diary

Cocoa Dev Central

Cocoa Dev Central: Writing a Screen Saver Module

Cocoa Dev Central Archives

Cocoa Dev Central: Learn Cocoa

Cocoa Dev Central: Learn Cocoa II

Mac OS X 10.3.8 (Darwin 7.8) Source Code

Core Graphics, meet Core Image › Vacuous Virtuoso

Text* Snippets: TextDrive Snippets courtesy of Peter Coopers handy little app

Xcode Animations and Transitions › Vacuous Virtuoso

Using PyObjC for Developing Cocoa Applications with Python

Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options - Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)

Using the ImageIO Framework with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

Technical Note TN1103: Uniquely Identifying a Macintosh Computer

Mac OS X Developer Documentation

Enabling Accessibility in Your Cocoa Application

SM2DGraphView Framework Site

Mac Programming and Development

Yahoo! Groups : mac-gui-dev Messages : 129-158 of 158


iDevGames - The Mac Game Developer Community

OpenDarwin libFoundation

mac4opengl - OpenGL for Mac OS X : Introduction -- macintosh development, open source development

MySQL-Cocoa :: Downloads

Netclasses :: News

ObjectiveLib: Main Page

s GPU Notes: Mac PBuffers

PyObjC | PseudoFish

Ranchero Software: Open Source RSS Class for Cocoa An Example of Scripting Cocoa with F-Script Love, Hate and Objective-C

ridiculous_fish » Blog Archive » Bridge

ridiculous_fish » Programming


Step into Xcode: Sample Chapter libFoundation - MacOS X Foundation ODBCKit

The Little App Factory Developer Page

Theocacao: Open Source Objective-C Calendar Class

Theocacao: Cocoa Tutorial for Absolute Newbies » Toxic Progress Indicator

Big Nerd Ranch Weblog » Experiments with Python, PyObjC, and Cocoa

Cocoa Examples

Cocoabuilder - Mail archive

Rentzsch) Re: System Idle Time

CocoaDev: AppKitMostWanted

CocoaDev: ClickableUrlInTextView

CocoaDev: CocoaDiscussions

CocoaDev: CocoaSampleCode

CocoaDev: GradientFill

CocoaDev: MemoryManagement

CocoaDev: NSAlertCheckbox

CocoaDev: NSTableViewTutorial

CocoaDev: SortingTableViewByClickingColumnHeaderExample

CocoaLab :: CocoaLab

PyGUI Developing a Mac OSX app: Dice

s Tutorial

F-Script Home

Exploring Cocoa with F-Script

harmless Cocoa -- An Introduction to RubyCocoa, Part 1 -- A Simple Drawing Sample in Quartz 2D -- A Simple Mac OS X libpng Example with OpenGL -- Adding a New Style Preferences Window to Your App, Part 2

Reilly Network -- Understanding the NSTableView Class -- How to Write a Cocoa Web Server

Reilly Network -- Building a Game Engine with Cocoa

Nance Software Online - Sample Code

Noise Industries Tech Notes

Learning Cocoa: Chapter 10: Travel Advisor Tutorial

s Guide

s GPU Notes

Cocoa Programming FAQ


Vermont Recipes—A Cocoa Cookbook

Articles by Andrew Stone

Main Page - SwarmWiki

comp.lang.objective-C FAQ listing



dPompa » Cocoa/ObjC

Applescript and Scripting Resources @ MacScripter

Applescript Sourcebook @

Plus and minus images



A QA1511: Including a custom NSWindow in a nib file

s Place

Cocoa Dev Central: Cocoa Graphics with Quartz

Cocoa Dev Central: Cocoa Graphics with Quartz II

Code Beach: Index

Mr. Kool: Cocoa articles on Cocoa bindings and MyGraphView

A Little Drop Of Cocoa

Web Kit Objective-C Programming Guide: Introduction to Web Kit Objective-C Programming Guide

iDevApps - Forum - Powered by vBulletin

cocoaforge - A Festivus for the Rest of Us » Index

InsanelyMac Forum

R. Matthew Emerson » Blog Archive » Playing sounds from the command line

CocoaDevCentral: Intro to Bindings

s Blog]

Cocoa for Scientists (Part XIII): In a Bind - MacResearch

Daniel’s Stuff » Blog Archive » Cocoa bindings

First Steps with Cocoa Bindings

Colour Me Cocoa | Exploring the world of cocoa development for Mac OS X.

resind-osx - Google Code

CFNetwork Programming Guide

Cocoa Bindings Examples and Hints

Calum Robinson

Corbin’s Treehouse Blog » Cocoa

Noodlings » Animation in the Time of Tiger: Part 3

Noodlings » OpenGL

Snipplr - Code 2.0

Cocoa for Scientists (Part XXI): Multi-Threading Your App with NSOperation and NSOperationQueue | MacResearch

CS193E - Cocoa Programming

LimeChat: IRC Client for OSX


bridgesupport - Trac


Some Nice Features of the Objective-C Language « Fun Script

Why I like Objective-C

Developing Rails Applications on Mac OS X Leopard

Customizing Rails Applications on Mac OS X Leopard

Deploying Rails Applications on Mac OS X Leopard

RubyCocoa Tutorial

Your first few days on RubyCocoa at Meta | ateM

The Ultimate List of RubyCocoa Tutorials, Tips and Tools

An Introduction to RubyCocoa | RubyCocoa Resources

s Home: a sneak preview of PyObjC 2.0

Cocoa for Scientists (Part XX): Python Scripters...Meet Cocoa | MacResearch

NodeBox | PyObjC

Creating OS X Cocoa Applications Using XML and Python

Cocoa Traces - Fragments of tasty Cocoa code

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Creating a Compelling User Interface with Core Animation

MacRuby 0.2 - Ruby Forum

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | RubyCocoa

KATI » Blog Archive » NSViewController, the New C in MVC - Pt. 1 of 3

Fraser Speirs – What are XIB files?

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend » Core Animation Tutorial: Wizard Dialog with Transitions

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend » Cocoa

Masters of the Void: Home

Cocoa Dev Central: Learn Cocoa

BecomeAnXcoder | CocoaLab

Cocoa Literature

Kineme | Quartz Composer Stuff

MacTech Forums - Forums powered by UBB.threads™

Matt Legend Gemmell – Cocoa Source Code

ADC—Developing Cocoa Applications Using MacRuby

ADC—Core Animation Overview

ADC—Working with Quartz Composer in Leopard

Apple - Darwin - Releases


Building Cocoa GUIs in Python with PyObjC, Part Two - Jun 11, 2008

Bindings @ Irrational Exuberance

An Epic Introduction to PyObjC and Cocoa @ Irrational Exuberance

LLVM/Clang Static Analyzer

Cocoa Blogs

Cocoa - Cocoa

A 2008-12-26

Son of Grab

OSX Systems Programming | Google Groups

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend » Core Animation Tutorial: Interrupting Animation Progress

t Just for Animation

Core Animation Episode 1: Getting Started with Animations :: Tech Videos, Screencasts, Webinars, Techtalks, Tutorials

Tutorial: Intro to Core Animation | MacResearch

Ramblings of a Mad Poet

Planet Cocoa

Introducing InspectorKit —

ridiculous_fish » Blog Archive » Array

Web - WebKit

Учим Xcode самостоятельно ставить имя программы вместо NewApplication / Разработка под Mac OS X и iPhone / Хабрахабр

Apple - Support - Discussions - Developer Quesa

Page personnelle de Pierre Chatelier - Programmation

GNUstep Developer Tools - GDL2

KennettNet - Code » KNAppGuide

Cocoa with Love: An Asteroids-style game in CoreAnimation, Part One.

Random Non Sequitur » Blog Archive » Making an iWork-style toolbar icon

Программирование под Mac OS X по-русски

Alan Quatermain » Blocks, Episode 2: Life Cycles

Alan Quatermain » Blocks, Episode 1


CocoAdHoc: Hidden Gems of Snow Leopard: IOSurface

How to Install Subversion on Mac OS X (with pictures) - wikiHow

bbum’s weblog-o-mat » Objective-C NSBlog

s weblog-o-mat » Blog Archive » objc_msgSend() Tour Part 1: The Road Map

s Objective-C runtime

s weblog-o-mat

Cocoa Samurai: Complete Xcode Keyboard Shortcut List (UPDATED)

aussie bloke

This is... HyperJeff Blog

Official Forum for Programming in Objective-C 2.0 - Stephen Kochan - Index

Mac OS X 10.5.6 - Source

Compile Objective C 2.0 code on Linux

Gloss-Caustic Shading

Nearest Neighbor Image Unit

How to setup an SVN repo in Xcode @ Dr. Touch

Encrypting / Decrypting / Base64 Encode / Decode in iPhone Objective-C - ObjectGraph Blog

A 2010-05-14: What Every Apple Programmer Should Know


Apple’s Instruments for Developers


Using SQLite3 C Api in Cocoa with xCode « Think IT Differently

Cocoa with Love: Testing if an arbitrary pointer is a valid object pointer

A 2010-06-18: Implementing Equality and Hashing

s MAObjCRuntime at master - GitHub

A 2010-11-6: Creating Classes at Runtime in Objective-C

Cocoa with Love: A deployment script for a generic Cocoa Mac application

Cocoa with Love: A Cocoa application for running scripts

Cocoa with Love: OrderedDictionary: Subclassing a Cocoa class cluster

Usernames In A Custom NSTextView ~ Flyosity by Mike Rundle

timburks/nufound - GitHub

A 2010-12-17: Custom Object Allocators in Objective-C

Oleg Andreev - Adding custom views to NSCells

A Simple Job Queue With Grand Central Dispatch NSInvocation+blocks

Starting an OpenSource Project on GitHub | Cocoanetics


Cocotron, свежие новости с фронта Objective-C / Open source / Хабрахабр

The Cocotron


Apps Amuck

iphone Development Community

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | iPhone SDK Development

iPhone / Сообщества / - Разработка игр Тулзы и Туториалы

iPhone Application And Website Development: All Tools And Tutorials You Need

iPhone Dev SDK Forum - Powered by vBulletin

OpenLaszlo Project Blog » Blog Archive » iPhone application development, step by step

highly professional scums

Under the Hood: The iPhone’s Gaming Mettle | Touch Arcade


Veiled Games

Crackulous: простая программа для взлома iPhone-приложений / Apple iPhone / Хабрахабр

Тараскин блог » Blog Archive » Программирование для iPhone и Open Toolchain

Программирование в Mac OS X: пишем для iPhone / Разработка под Mac OS X и iPhone / Хабрахабр

Developer forum

Welcome to the iPhone Development Central Website!

Development - Hackint0sh

The iPhone developer’s cookbook |

Блог Юрия Скалецкого (С IT по жизни): Как начать программировать для iPhone под Windows

Installous: для инсталляции взломанных iPhone-приложений / Apple iPhone / Хабрахабр

iPhone programming | Google Groups

Improving OpenGL ES performance using CATransform3D | Sunset Lake Software

Apple iPhone - OpenGL ES performance and system information

Sunset Lake Software

OpenGL ES questions, iPhone Development - Mac Forums

iiPhone OpenGL ES 3D Game Development Forum

iPhone Game Development Forum

OpenGL ES 1.1 Reference Pages

Planet iPhone SDK- The Lastest iPhone Development News and Information

Cocoa Pods

iPhone vs. Android development: Day 1 | Ed Burnette’s Dev Connection |

OpenGL ES Development - iPhone Dev Forums

iPhone Dev Forums

dBlog - Your #1 source for Web/iPhone SDK Development information

Одиннадцать друзей цензоров App Store


CS193P - Cocoa Programming | Announcements

Home - iPhone Dev

iPhone Application Development Auditors | Google Groups

IPhone SDK - Уроки | - обзоры программ и игр для iPhone - обзоры программ и игр для iPhone

Разработка под Mac. Блог по разработке под Mac OS X и IPhone

iPhone Programming - Mac Forums


iPhoneFlow: An iPhone Development Community Link Blog

iPhone Development

Использование акселерометра в iPhone симуляторе / Разработка под Mac OS X и iPhone / Хабрахабр

Разработка под Mac OS X и iPhone / Блог / Хабрахабр

Рейтинг-контрол под iPhone (да, уже на прилавках :) / Разработка под Mac OS X и iPhone / Хабрахабр

Программирование на Python и Objective-C в Mac OS: SQL для самых маленьких

s blog - Announcing DSActivityView: open source for iPhone developers

Super Gravelyn Bros. » The UIButton Apple Should Have Made

Super Gravelyn Bros.

I Love Code

Matt Legend Gemmell – iPhone Development Emergency Guide

Интегрируем Twitter в приложения для iPhone / Разработка под Mac OS X и iPhone / Хабрахабр


Code, Nerdyness, and Nonsense...

Objective-C « Coders Like Us

.:: Phrack Magazine ::.

s Technology Blog

Using VVI for Graphing on iPhone | MacResearch

core-plot - Project Hosting on Google Code

json-framework - Project Hosting on Google Code

Optimizing OpenGL for iPhone - Khronos Videos

[iPhone developer:tips];

iPhone and iPad Development Tutorials and Programming Tips

Core Animation: Hands-On @ 360idev. Yes, There is More! | Free Time Studios

Introducing FTUtils: Open Source Utilities for iPhone Developers | Free Time Studios

Adding Stylish Progress Indicators To Your App | iPhone and iPad Development Tutorials and Programming Tips

s three20 at master - GitHub

iPad Application Design » Matt Legend Gemmell

Filtering Fun with Predicates @ Dr. Touch

iPhone Context Views

Overview | RunRev

s TouchCustoms · Fancy UILabels

» OpenFlow: a CoverFlow API replacement for the iPhone Alex Fajkowski

Detect double tap - Stack Overflow

Gloss Caustic Shader for iPhone

iPhone Development: Handling Double Taps

wsdl2objc - Project Hosting on Google Code

iPhone Development: Table View Multi-Row Edit Mode

iPhone SDK Examples and Tutorials - About Objects

Simplicity in software

App every day in August!

iPhone Development | iPhone Programming | iPhone Application Development | iPhone Game Development | iPhone App Development | iPhone Software Development

Consuming a RESTful Service ( in an iPhone Application |

Domain of the Bored

Welcome, new Cocoa or Cocoa Touch programmer.

ASIHTTPRequest Documentation - All-Seeing Interactive - Ultimate tutorial library about iPhone SDK, Objective-C, XCode and DashCode

A 2010-02-05: Error Returns with Continuation Passing Style

Chapter 9. Optimizing

iPad Development


Подборка полезных репозиториев на GitHub

In-App Purchases

How to Make Custom Drawn Gradient Backgrounds in a Grouped UITableView with Core Graphics - [coneybeare code]

iPhone Development: Downloading Images for a Table without Threads

s AQGridView at master - GitHub

SocketObjC at Under The Bridge

The settings used to be in the Settings app

iPhone Development: NSStream: TCP and SSL

iPad for iPhone Developers 101: Custom Input View Tutorial | Ray Wenderlich

Announcing iPhone Wax: Native UIKit iPhone Apps Written In Lua

UIScrollView Menu at Under The Bridge

Building The Custom UIScrollView Menu From Digital Post ~ Flyosity by Mike Rundle

iPhone Development: OpenGL ES from the Ground Up: Table of Contents

Уроки iPhone SDK | - обзоры программ и игр для iPhone


iPad Programming Roundup at Under The Bridge

Add Rounded Corners and Border to UIWebview

Formatting Numbers – NSNumberFormatter Examples

Objective-C Categories as Stylesheets | akosma software

ObjectAL for iPhone Released « iDevGames

4 Ridiculously Handy Custom iPhone UI Tricks and Libraries | iPhone iOS 4 iPad SDK Development Tutorials, Programming Tips, News

iPad Development Tutorial and Resources Collection


Understanding iOS 4 Backgrounding and Delegate Messaging @ Dr. Touch

s OAuthConsumer at master - GitHub

s phgraph-for-iphone at master - GitHub

Drawing on UIImages @ Dr. Touch

Tip: Animating UIButton at Under The Bridge

A few things iOS developers ought to know about the ARM architecture

Free Collection Of Outstanding UIToolbar Icons | iPhone iOS 4 iPad SDK Development Tutorials, Programming Tips, News

Open Source Icons - gcons

iPad applications

Local Notifications

Lessons Learned in Tilt Controls

UIProgressHUD replacement

Easy iPhone and iPad Library For Communicating With Web Services – Open Source

Create Glossy iPhone Buttons Easy Using Interface Builder Or Code Without Images Or Private APIs

Tweak away « Mystery Coconut. Resident Alien

How To Create A Simple iPhone App Tutorial: Part 2/3 | Ray Wenderlich

How To Create A Simple iPhone App Tutorial: Part 1/3 | Ray Wenderlich

How To Make a Custom UIView: A 5 Star Rating View | Ray Wenderlich

HTTP Basic Authentication – Accessing Password Protected Servers

s Blog

Volon Bolon

Implementing Gesture Recognizers | Conceited Code

Hold for TableView Cells, Then and Now @ Dr. Touch

iPhone Game Programming Series: Blackjack – Part 1: The Deck | iCodeBlog

Official Google Mac Blog: An HTTP Fetcher Class for Mac OS X and iOS Apps

UISlider с двумя головками - iPhone forum Russia

Multi-line/Autoresizing UITextView similar to SMS-app | Hans Pinckaers

Low-level text rendering - CodeProject

Tutorial: Fancy Text Effects With Core Text | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

How To Add A Slick iBooks Like Page Turning Effect Into Your Apps | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

How To Integrate iTunes File Sharing With Your iOS App | Ray Wenderlich

Three More Great OpenGL ES Resources | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

Tutorial: Getting Gravatars – MD5 Encryption And Simple Data Retrieval | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

Tapworthy: Designing iPhone Interfaces for Delight and Usability

Пишем свой аналог UISplitViewController / Разработка под Mac OS X и iPhone / Хабрахабр

Creating multiline cell in UITableView

Core Text Objective-C Wrapper | akosma software

Fun With Core Animation: Shutter Transition » Free Time Studios Blog

Asset Libraries and Blocks in iOS 4 | iCodeBlog

How to avoid memory leaks in iPhone applications - CodeProject

Customize UISlider color « Think IT Differently

Deselecting a row in an UITableView… « Think IT Differently

UITableViewCell usage : easier since iPhone OS 3.0 « Think IT Differently

Кроссплатформенный код для приложений под iPhone и iPad / Блог компании / Хабрахабр

A QA1397: Understanding the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key

Tapku: An Amazing Open Source iOS Interface Library

s CA360 at master - GitHub

Give Your Game Dynamic Background Music - this code tastes like coffee!

s Profile - GitHub

iPad and iOS 4 Custom Font Loading » Free Time Studios Blog

How To Import and Export App Data Via Email in your iOS App | Ray Wenderlich

Future Cocoa Operation — Jayway Team Blog

Tutorials: Swipe Reading, Orientation Support, And Image Slideshows In iPad Web Apps | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

DTChartView 2.0 @ Dr. Touch

Easy background Tasks in iOS 4

iOS Application Programming Guide: Executing Code in the Background

NSOperation Tips at Under The Bridge

The Most Useful Objective-C Code I’ve Ever Written « Vincent Gable’s Blog

Cocoa Game Development Package Galaxy Engine « iDevGames

s BL2D at master - GitHub

In App Purchase Tutotial | NIX Solutions


SIO2 Store - iPhone source code packages

TapkuLibrary - collection of iPhone classes intended for broad use in applications

lightweight parsing library for KML written in Objective-C for the iOS platform

Cocoa with Love: Alternative Objective-C object allocation for large arrays

Three New-to-You Features for iPhone developers

iPhone Tutorial: How to send In-App SMS | MK Blog

Articles | MK Blog

Cocoa with Love: A ZoomingViewController to animate a UIView to fullscreen

Th30z (Matteo Bertozzi Code): iOS4: Core Motion Viewer

iPhone Tutorial: Display WebPages within your App using this drop dead Simple XIB file | MK Blog

Reachability @ Dr. Touch

A 2010-08-27: Defensive Programming in Cocoa

A 2010-08-12: Implementing NSCoding

Digital Sinigang: Formula for getting your app featured by Apple?

Adding Local Weather Conditions To Your App (Part 2/2: Accessing Google’s XML Weather API) | iCodeBlog

Core Graphics 101: Lines, Rectangles, and Gradients | Ray Wenderlich

Neil Inglis » Saving NSUserDefaults under iOS 4

Open Source: 3 Frameworks For Real-Time Multiplayer Games That Run Over The Internet | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

Change title on Back button

Connect to untrusted SSL servers on iPhone

Anthony Chow - Publishing your iPhone app

20+ Open Source iPhone Applications To Learn From

How to make iPhone Apps – Part 1: Xcode suite and Objective-C

SQLite: Nanostore at Under The Bridge

Core Graphics 101: Shadows and Gloss | Ray Wenderlich

How To Make Custom XCode Templates | How To Make iOS Apps

s blog

iPhone Tutorial: Authenticating with a RESTful service using NSURLCredential | MK Blog

Custom-Colored Disclosure Indicators @ Cocoanetics

Tutorial: Using Core Location And Google XML Weather API | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

Tutorial: How To Embed Lua In iOS Apps | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

Core Graphics 101: Arcs and Paths | Ray Wenderlich

iPhone Development: Outlets, Cocoa vs. Cocoa Touch

How to make an iPhone App for beginners – Part 2: Memory and Controllers

2 Great New Open Source iOS Apps: iStrobe and Ecological Footprint | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

Open Source iPhone Apps List – 43 App Store Apps So Far! | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

Game Programming Tutorial – Beginners Action Game | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

s MBProgressHUD at master - GitHub

Able Pear Software: Loading device specific .xib files in a Universal app

BSPreviewScrollView at Under The Bridge


Smartness overload – addendum | .mischief.mayhem.soap.

Games from Within | Managing Data Relationships

Free Advanced iPhone and iPad Development Course Available | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

App Store-safe Page Curl animations at Ole Begemann: iOS Development

s leaves at twopages - GitHub

How To Add A Slick iBooks Like Page Turning Effect Into Your Apps | iPhone, iOS 4, iPad SDK Development Tutorial and Programming Tips

s iPhone-Snippets - GitHub

Cocoa with Love: An iOS tone generator (an introduction to AudioUnits)

Core Graphics 101: Glossy Buttons | Ray Wenderlich

s iOS-OpenGLES-Stuff at master - GitHub

‘Beginning iPad Development for iPhone Developers: Mastering the iPad SDK’ by Dave Wooldridge, Jack Nutting and David Mark « iDevGames

How to make an iPhone App – Part 3: Table Views

How to make an iPhone App – Part 3: Table Views

Get current language

Main Page - Cocoapedia

Top 5 Tips On Learning How To Make Apps | How to Make iPhone Apps

How to make an iPhone App – Part 4: Navigation Controller

Core Graphics 101: Patterns | Ray Wenderlich

iPhone Development: OpenGL ES 2.0 for iOS, Chapter 1 - Introduction

iPhone Development: OpenGL ES 2.0 for iOS Chapter 2 - Meet OpenGL ES

iPhone Development: OpenGL ES 2.0 for iOS, Chapter 3 - Fundamentals of 3D Programming

iPhone Development: Tile Cutter Updated

The UIGeometry Extensions

Creating Circular and Infinite UIScrollViews

Objective-C с нуля / Разработка под Mac OS X и iPhone / Хабрахабр

iOS SDK — CoreAnimation, программируем красивые кнопки / Разработка под Mac OS X и iPhone / Хабрахабр

How to make an iPhone App – Part 5: The Accelerometer

How to make an iPhone App – Part 6: Saving Data

s DDActionHeaderView at master - GitHub

ShareKit : Drop-in Share Features for all iOS Apps


s DDMathParser at master - GitHub

Universal applications asset naming conventions, directory structure and macros | Karnak Games

Page Curls at Under The Bridge

ELCSlider: UISlider + UIPopover at Under The Bridge

Mathematical Expression Parser

Making Smarter Table View Cells | iCodeBlog

s CA360 at master - Core Animation

In-App App Store at Under The Bridge

Draggable Buttons and Labels @ Cocoanetics

iPhone Development: OpenGL ES Course on iTunes University

SMModelObject at Under The Bridge

Check if we are running iOS 4+

Create a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)

Convert NSString to NSData

UINavigationController Cube Transition at Under The Bridge

Tip: Ordered JSON at Under The Bridge

muParser - a fast math parser library

Get current app version number from bundle

NSURLConnection with Self-Signed Certificates @ Cocoanetics

CALayer Shadows at Under The Bridge

s Life in Beta

M Cubed Software - Blog

How to make an iPhone App – Part 7: The app icon

iOS Advanced Programming: The Image picker

iOS Advanced Programming: Event Kit Framework

How To Use UIView Animation Tutorial | Ray Wenderlich

Tip: UIImage Pieces at Under The Bridge

BNColor at Under The Bridge

A 2010-12-03: Accessors, Memory Management, and Thread Safety

Sunetos, Inc. :: Open Source iOS CoverFlow Implementations

What’s New in iOS SDK 4.2 at Ole Begemann: iOS Development

iPhone Development: Drawing Part of a UIImage

Random tips

Shape Of: Customizing Links in an NSTextView

[digdog dig]; — How I add background image to UINavigaitonBar

Making UIToolbar and UINavigationBar’s background totally transparent

Changing the headers for UIWebKit HTTP requests – iCab Blog

Transparent Toolbars at Under The Bridge

From iPod Library to PCM Samples in Far Fewer Steps Than Were Previously Necessary

Detecting Taps Outside of Tableview Cells | Cocoanetics

Cocoa with Love: Version control for solo Mac developers

Animating the drawing of a CGPath with CAShapeLayer at Ole Begemann: iOS Development

NSLogger at Under The Bridge

Cocoa with Love: UITableView construction, drawing and management (revisited)

Bars Like the New York Times App | Cocoanetics

Introduction to CALayers Tutorial | Ray Wenderlich

iPhone Development: More Animation Curves than You Can Shake a Stick at

Development / Technology - Blog: JSON in iPhone/iPad App

Development / Technology - Blog: Asynchronous download/request with Objective-C

Sunetos, Inc. :: Animating Multiple Virtual Pages Using a NIB-based View

Garbage Collection

RADUG | Russian Apple Developer User Group

Fun with Objective-C - Creating an advanced NSPredicateEditorRowTemplate

Befriending Core Text | Cocoanetics

Easy inclusion of OpenSSL into iOS projects

iOS Open Source : UIView Category to Manage Z-Order of Views

OpenGL. Антиалиасинг на устройствах его не поддерживающих / Разработка под Apple iOS / Хабрахабр

Доступ к гироскопу и акселерометру из javascript / Web-разработка / Хабрахабр

s Life in Beta

OBShapedButton: Non-rectangular buttons on the iPhone at Ole Begemann: iOS Development

iPhone Development: Irregularly Shaped UIButtons


Image Manipulation: Retrieving And Updating Pixel Values For A UIImage | Code, Nerdyness, and Fitness

Уроки iPhone SDK: UITableView: загрузка детализированного представления | - обзоры программ и игр для iPhone

Этот безумный, безумный, безумный appStore / Разработка под Apple iOS / Хабрахабр


iPhone. Новости и советы

Весь софт iPhone / iPod Touch в России » Программирование

Ultimate Todos для iPhone / GTD / Хабрахабр

Videora iPod touch Converter - Free iPod touch Video Converter

официальном iphone 3G - Apple iPhone Форум

Мануал по подключению iPhone к интернету через компьютер с WIFI, Ноутбук со вст - Apple iPhone Форум

Просмотр форума - Плеер второго поколения iPod Touch 2G - Apple iPod Touch получи MAXимум

iBluetooth — передача файлов теперь возможна / Apple iPhone / Хабрахабр


Главная Mactime.RU

Mac OS X newbie guides -- Panther, Python, and CoreGraphics

MacTech Magazine

30 ключевых моментов в истории Apple | Mactimes | Mactime.RU

Stepwise Double-Broom: LIVE IT

Мy Mac : Мой Макинтош - для всех, кто понимает... Все для Apple Macintosh.

Programming on Mac OS X

Getting OS X going

Mac OS X Hacking Tools

MacEdition : Games : Archive

Cocoa Literature

Apple, Gobe and Future Office Software Mac Forums

Mike Mac OS X News

Apple Matters | Top Story: To Steve Jobs Apple Fans are Just Another Snack Cake -- Basics of Transparent Blitting, Part 1 -- Higher-Order Messages in Cocoa

OS X Links -- The Cocoa Controller Layer

Mac OS X 10.1 : Page 1

TheMerger of Apple and NeXT: 1+1=3 - An ObjectFarm Publication

s OPENSTEP up and running on a MacBook Pro

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger : Page 13

TidBITS Electronic Publishing

Five years of Mac OS X : Page 1

s Journal: Avoiding Copland 2010

s Journal: Avoiding Copland 2010: Part 2

s Journal: Avoiding Copland 2010: Part 3

s web page

MacOSX Guru Site - Information, tips and tricks, FAQ for Mac OS X developers - Top 100 Links

s a new cat in town.

ПК: Mac OS X. UNIX для всех. Сергей Волк. :: скачать бесплатно книгу сайт rar zip архив download

My Dream App » News

Reilly Network -- Steve Jobs and the History of Cocoa, Part One

Reilly Network -- Steve Jobs and the History of Cocoa, Part Two

iXBT: MacLife - обзоры, результаты тестов, советы, новости и события из мира Apple

Mr. Kool

Daring Fireball: Initiative

Natit new development version with ATI and nVidia dual screen - InsanelyMac Forum

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger : Page 14


Apple Matters | What is Leopard Up Against in Vista?

Русскоязычное сообщество пользователей, разработчиков и администраторов Mac OS X

Hivelogic - The Narrative of Dan Benjamin, Your Internet Pal

| Mactimes | Mactime.RU

Top 10 Reasons the Apple Dock Sucks

AskTog: Make Your Mac a Monster Machine

MacResearch - Online Community and Resource for Mac OS X in Science

Game Downloads

Windows expert to Redmond: Buh-bye» Blog Archive » Open-Source Cocoa (almost) for Windows

The Cocotron




s Home Page


Захабренные / MacOS X / Метка / Хабрахабр Форум :: Главная

s Fault?

David Stes HomePage Guide to Backing Up Mac OS X - OS X tips and tricks!

.mac-mag. Первый журнал о Mac OS в Украине


Mac. Используй Маc! Сайт про компьютеры Mac.

The OSx86 Scene Forums • View topic - NVinject - yet another TITAN/NATIT clone...


Интервью Джобса, часть 1

Mac-новости и форум. Apple, Mac, Mac OS X, iMac, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, MacBook, MacBook Air.

Cофт под мак - Блог - Привет.ру


Sanch TV



s Handbook - Part 1 by Charles Miller, Dino Dai Zovi Translated by humans

s nufound at master - GitHub

Создание m4b из mp3 аудиокниг для ipod / Linux для всех / Хабрахабр

Index of

PDFViewer Home Page

Software for NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP

Frank Siegerts Download/Link Area on This.Net

Peanuts-Archive MacOS-X/WebObjects/OpenStep/NEXTSTEP server

Help, Virtual PC


Announcing The Release Of The Autodoc 2.0 Beta 8

Stefan Schneider Software

Sound Consulting - NEXTSTEP Software Titles

Welcome to Black Hole, Incorporated




NeXTStep/Openstep Software


TheMerger of Apple and NeXT: 1+1=3 - An ObjectFarm Publication

Wired публикует отрывки из новой биографии Стива Джобса | Mactimes | Mactime.RU

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